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My grandpa used to have a mule
The finest mule around.
Each Sunday he'd hitch the buggy up
And drive us all to town.

The townfolk used to stand and watch
As we would trot on by
That ol mule sure could pick up his feet
And it felt like the buggy could fly.

Well, grandpa had that mule decked out
With harness that would shine
From the blinders on his bridle
To the britchin on his behind.

Grandpa sure loved that mule
That's something everyone knew
He'd tell you about his special friend
And each year his admiration grew.

Like the time that they was hunting
And a storm had come up fast
The trail was blocked by a huge fallen tree
There was just no way to pass.

Grandpa told that ol mule "JUMP!"
It must have been something to see
For to hear the way that Grandpa told it
That mule jumped clean over that tree.

Another time cows were calving
There was baby cows everywhere.
You could hear the coyotes howling
They were gettin pretty near.

One of the coyotes spotted a calf
And came slinking through the fence
That ol mule took off after him
And we ain't seen that coyote since.

So if you see my grandpa
And a tear rolls down his cheek
It's that old friend he's thinking about
Cuz that ol mule died last week.

Please don't tell my grandpa
That his mule was nothing rare.
But to him that mule was special.
No other could compare.

I've got a surprise for Grandpa
And he's standing right over there.
Cuz I just bought a jack today
To breed to his good mare.

by Kathy Dynge

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