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Greensprings Summit To Keno Access Road

Now we were ready for a 3 day 2 night trip. We would start this part of the trail at The Greensprings Summit on Hwy. 66. We planned on going to Little Hyatt Lake for our first night. We took advantage of the roads that were near our campsites by having family members meet us with hay and water.

I'm almost ready!

Cheri, on her mare and leading Cactus, starting out on the trail.

Jeannie would be joining us with her mini gelding, Prince.

I was taking two donkeys this time. This was Jassper's first time to go out in the woods and our first time to go as a pack string.

Jeannie and Prince were able to go through these trees. Our bigger donkeys had to go around them. Good going you two! This was a first trip for both of them.

Imagine hiking through the woods, for a couple of miles, with nothing but trees and then coming upon a sight like this! It was breathtaking!

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