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Big Springs To Dead Indian Road

6.1 Miles

Four days later, we were back on the trail. This time Larry joined us with his mule, Babe. We started right where we had left off and we were determined to at least finish the trip to Dead Indian Road, 6.1 miles away. This would be double the distance we had gone on our first day.

So with Larry and Cheri riding ahead, Margie, Daniel and I brought up the rear at a slow pace. We passed a sign to a place called Vulture Rock. The trail started a slow climb as we got nearer to Old Baldy. If we got winded.....we stopped for a few minutes. We were keeping an eye on each others faces to make sure no one was getting sick. As long as we saw some color, in each others faces, we felt we were doing OK.

As we climbed the side of Old Baldy, the trees gave way to a clear cut mountain side. We looked to the south over mountain range after mountain range. The Marble Mountains and Mt. Shasta were beautiful!

Marge, Daniel and girls on Old Baldy.

We were soon off of BLM land and entered The Rogue River Forest. The next part of the trail was an easy downhill area. Lots of pretty switchbacks. It was pretty neat watching Larry and Cheri riding down below us. Biscuit was being a little trooper and we stopped often to take a breather and get a donkey hug.

After going half way, we stopped for lunch. It was a good place to relax and pat ourselves on the backs for having gotten this far. Everyone felt fine and we were excited to feel that we COULD do this.

Cheri and Cactus at the lunch break.

Larry and Biscuit at lunch.

Krystal took a breather.

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