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Dead Indian Road To Brown Mountain Trail

4 1/2 Miles

We hit the 30 mile mark on this trip. We decided, instead of going from Dead Indian to Fish Lake on the PCT, we would go as far as Brown Mountain Trail and then on up around Lake Of The Woods. Our donkeys aren't shod and we thought the cinder would be a problem on their feet.

Margie took her mammoth jennet Itty Bitty for her very first time on the trail.

Itty Bitty was very curious about everything. She soon settled down and really enjoyed the outing.

Cheri joined us again with Cactus and Bridget.

It's hard to imgine how long this trail really is until you come to a sign like this.

There were a couple of small washes that had little bridges over them. Itty Bitty handled them just fine.

Biscuit and I take a break and exchange kisses. We had run into a nest of bees and she got stung on her nose. Poor baby.

We highlined at the start and the finish of this trail so Marge and Cheri could shuttle the trucks and trailers. All in all a nice short and enjoyable hike.

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