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Glory Grows Up

Glory is such a funny little girl. She's smart too. Here's some pictures showing some of the things that she likes to do.

She is learning to watch where she places her feet.

Someday, I hope to drive GloryB. Here we are getting used to having a cart follow us. Something wrong with this picture I think. Oh well, when she's old enough, she'll be between the shafts, not me.

Here's Glory learning to walk across the plywood "bridge." This really helped her to learn how to walk into a trailer.

Playing with her ball.

We took Glory camping for the first time this summer. She even had her time on the highline. She's growing up fast!

She loved going for walks in the woods.

Glory won the foal contest at our local feed store last year! There were only a few donkey foals entered. Don't tell her that she won it because she was the cutest foal. They drew her name out of a hat, but still we were thrilled!

Glory helped me to celebrate my birthday. I spent the day with my favorite friends.

She still likes her mama best.

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