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Rahshann's Last Days

Rahshann Domintez Stone

July 18, 1978 - February 7, 1998

Friends down here turned distant and cold.
At the end of my journey I was always alone.
Began to accept a better way for me
Instead of doing wrong constantly.
Everything good started going my way,
Took life not for granted and began to pray.
Counting my blessings one by one every day,
Yes, life took a turn for the better I'd say.
Well went out one more time my good friend to see,
Found out much too late that was no place to be.
Called up my mother to tell her goodbye.
I knew at this time it was my turn to die.
So February seventh the Lord brought me home.
Now where I'm at I'll never be alone.
My life was short; God took me fast.
Now all my pain is in the past.
To those I leave behind to grieve,
I hate the way I had to leave.
But if just one person changes their life
I'm blessed to make this sacrifice.
All is not lost, for many see
How God had saved a guy like me.
I used to say "Is there heaven for a G?"
I question no more and now I see
And know of God's amazing grace
For every color, tribe or race.

Thelma Stone, in memory of Rahshann D. Stone,
aka Baby Laze (Bloods Gang street name)