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Welcome Hanson Fiction with no added sugar!

Debuted: May 8th 2000

Updated: July 27th 2001 - Yup, it's been eons since this site was updated. Academic pressure together with other assorted chaos has prevented updates before now. Another 4 chapters will be up soon - Something In The Way has NOT been discontinued. Think of it as a Hanson album - takes forever to be completed but, in the end, is sort of, kinda, maybe, a little bit worth it. Who knows, by the time the next album is out, this could be finished. YIKES!!! Apologies to those who sent an email to Accessing that account is currently proving impossible, so the address is currently the only one that works.


Introducing 'Something In The Way'. The first Hanson Fiction from M.R., …well the first few chapters anyway.

Before continuing, you may want to read the legal bit down there at the bottom....


...Now that's over with, it's pretty much on with the show.

Chapter One takes place during the summer of '98

Chapters Two and Three take place during December '99

Chapter Four starts in early January of this year and things continue from there….


(Yes, the SITW 'banner' is extremely lame. Hopefully, it will be replaced by a proper title banner with a pic, but the perfect pic is proving illusive so far.)


So without further ado...


Something In The Way







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Disclaimer: "Something In The Way" is fictional, all characterizations are fictional. This site is not affiliated with, or in any way linked to Hanson, Island/Def Jam, Triune Music Group, or the families, friends or pets, if any, of the aforementioned.

Content: If you have issues, then you may have...umm...issues with the story. But you can probably handle it. You rebel you!

Other legal stuff: All trademarks acknowledged.




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