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The X-Babies

Role Call: lil' Dazzler, lil' Longshot, lil' Collossus, lil' Nightcrawler, lil' Rogue, lil' Kitty, lil' Storm, lil' Havok, lil' Cyclops, lil' Bishop, lil' Gambit, lil' Psylocke, lil' Wolvie, lil'Magneto

Dazz:Power to convert sound into light energy, able to create powerful lazers and dazzling light flares.

Longshot:Has hollow bones, three fingers on each hand, enhanced agility, supernatural luck, ability to "read" the past imprinted on objects.

Collossus:Able to turn his skin into near invulnerable steel, has enhanced strength.

Nightcrawler:Covered in a thin layer of blue fur, Able to teleport(though it causes a nausiating smell of brimstone), superhuman agility.

Rogue:Has enhanced strength, ability to fly, able to drain another person of their powers and memories.

Kitty:Able to make herself become intangable.

Storm:Control over the elements, able to fly on wind currents.

Havok:Able ot convert energy from solar radiation into powerful plasma blasts.

Cyclops:Uses solar energy stored from the sun to create powerful eye-blasts.

Bishop:Can store energy from blasts that hit him and throw it back to his enemies just as hard.

Gambit:Can "charge" objects with kinetic energy that detonate on impact with another solid object.

Psylocke:A powerful telepath, uses a "psychic knife" to scramble the minds of others.

Wolvie:Fast healing factor, adamantium skeleton and claws, heightened senses.

Magneto:Ability to control anything relating to metal, including the flow of iron to the human brain.

First appearance:First gen-Uncanny X-Men Annual #10. Mojo's X-Babies-Uncanny X-Men Annual #12

Place of Origin:(Mojo's)Mojoverse

Origin:(first gen)The X-Men were having a routine practice exercise in the dangerroom when Longshot literally popped in out of nowhere. Upon his arrival, him and the X-Men were covered in a strange goop, that reverted them in age almost to infancy. They were then lured by Mojo, where he "grew them back up again" and used them to gain ratings which would increase his political power as ruler of Mojoworld. The X-Men of course came to their senses, with the aide of the New Mutants, and excaped Mojo, also aquiring Longshot as a new member.
(Mojo's)After the fall of the Mutants(see Uncanny #'s 224-227), Mojo feared that his reign in Mojoworld was over, seeing as how his best ratings were coming from the X-Men, who he had been broadcasting on television in Mojoworld through the eyes of Psylocke, in which he had implanted cameras. It was then "suggested" to him that he re-create the X-Men(by Ricochete Rita and a creative group that look miraculously a lot like the Marvel X-Men team(i.e. Chris, Art, Bob, Dan, ect...) ^_^)and through many trials and errors, he came up with the X-Babies. He was about to pull the plug on them when they busted loose and started running amok on Mojo's floating ship. Mojo was infuriated by the little brats, but then realised that the X-Babies were getting better ratings then the X-Men ever did. After mauling them with affection, Wolvie busted them loose(you'd have to see it yourself, it's too funny), and they escaped with Mojo's navigator, the lovely Ricochete Rita. They then managed to escape Mojo (Excalibur one-shot, Mojo Mayhem)and find they're way to earth, but somehow lost they're baby-sitter Rita in the process. On earth they ran into Kitty Pryde, who had thought the X-Men dead and of course freaked out at the sight of them, but later ended up as they're temporary baby-sitter. They then went in search of Rita, but were also being persued by The Agent, one of Mojo's minions who had followed them to earth. They later realised that the Agent, was in fact, their lost baby sitter, and struck a deal with Mojo that she be released, and Mojo would get what he wanted in return, that the X-Babies return to Mojoworld. They went back and Rita followed, but Mojo got more than he bargained for.