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Okay, okay, here's a story everyone and their mom knows, but I'm going to put it here anyway.

Real name:Peter Parker

Place of origin:New York, New York

First appearance:Spiderman #1

Powers:Superhuman strangth, able to scale walls without equiptment, 'spider sense'(we all know these well enough:)

Origin:Young Peter Parker was in biology class one morning, watching his professor demonstrate a machine that generates a specific radiation, then a little spider falls into the radiation field and becomes radiated. then the happy little spider, all full of radiation and such crawls over to Peter and bites him, infecting Peter with radiation induced powers of a spider, thus creating Spiderman. Peter at first used his powers in amatuer wrestling, winning big bucks in the ring. But one day while Peter is in the locker room after a match, he watches some guy get robbed, but doesn't do anything about it. Then he goes home and finds his poor uncle Ben murdered by the same man the robbed the other guy earlier. Then Peter remembers his uncle Ben's sayings, "With great power comes great responsibility." and from then on, Peter takes the words to heart and tries to help New York fight crime, even though many view him as a criminal himself.

Status:Masked crime fighter extraordinaire

Relations:May Parker(his aunt), Ben Parker(his uncle, deceased), Mary Jane Watson-Parker(his wife), May Parker(his daughter in the Spidergirl comix), Ben Reilly(the original Peter Parker/Spiderman who took on the title of the clone after the Maximum Clonage epidemic)

Affiliations:None, really...Spiderman works alone, except for the Bugle, the Newspaper where he does free-lance photography, but that doesn't really count, does it?