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"Why does everyone say my name like it means 'shut-up'?!"

Real name:Jubilation Lee

Place of origin:Beverly Hills, California

First Appearance:Uncanny X-Men #244(i think..)

Powers:Creates "fireworks" out of plasma-energy which are explosive and potentially dangerous(provided she's mad enough)

Origin:Jubilee was a street punk/mallrat in Southern California. She once followed Rogue, Dazzler and Storm through one of Gateway's portals, ending up stuck in their outback hideout, and eventually saved Wolverine from the Reavers(see Donald Pierce&the Reavers in Villains) which earned her kudos later and eventually joined the team after the Seige Perilous thing was over.

Status:Current member of GenerationX

Relations:Mr. and Mrs. Lee(first names unrevealed), both deceased.

Affiliations:the X-Men, GenerationX