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Real name:Sean Cassidy

Place of origin:Ireland

First appearance:X-Men(vol.1)#28

Created by:Werner Roth and Roy Thomas

Powers:The ability to use his voice as a sonic weapon, also able to fly. one aspect of his ability is to change people's internal balance, also works as rader.

History:First appeared as an opponent of the X-Men, under the control of the villain named Ogre. he later broke free of Ogre's control and started helping the X-Men on random missions, using Moira McTaggart's Muir Island as a base of operations. Banshee later became a full time member of the X-Men after their dissapearance into space with the Sh'iar to fight the War Skrull. Banshee later ended his term as an X-Man and went back to Muir Island with Moira. Banshee is now one of two headmasters at Xavier's Snow Valley acadamy, along with Emma Frost, the former White Queen of the Hellfire Club's inner circle. Banshee also serves as the co-leader of Generation X, along with Emma.

Status:Co-leader of Generation X

Relations:Moira McTaggart(old girlfriend), Teresa Rourke(daughter), Emma Frost(possible romance?)

Affiliations:X-Men, Generation X

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