The United States Of America
Space Shuttle Columbia

~ The Final Flight Lost In A Moment's Time ~
01 February 2003

There are no real words to describe the sadness felt for what has happened today. I thank you for coming in to visit this site. At the moment I do not have a guest book set up, but would love to hear from you letting me know you were here. If you would like to see a statement of your feelings posted on this site, please email it to me and I will post it here for others to see.

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~ Linda May ~

To Remember Them Always
"The Crew"

Colonel Rick Douglas Husband, USAF
NASA Astronaut

Commander William C. McCool, USN
NASA Astronaut

Lieutenant Colonel Michael P. Anderson, USAF
NASA Astronaut

Kalpana Chawla, PH.D
NASA Astronaut

Captain David M. Brown, USN
NASA Astronaut

Commander Laurel Blair Salton Clark, M.D., USN
NASA Astronaut

Colonel Ilan Ramon, Israel Air Force
Payload Specialist

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~ A Moment In Time ~

A moment in time would be their fate
As they proudly returned from space,
The excitement was in their voices
As was the smiles upon their face.

The American space shuttle Columbia
Would no longer spread its wings,
For it was taken from us today
And sadness is all it brings.

Seven proud Astronauts were lost
They were so close to home,
We ask how this could have happened
In our grief we are not alone.

The world watched in great disbelief
Of what happened here just today,
So I take this moment in time to grieve
For the families who are left to pray.

Written By
Linda May Spivey-Bjorklund

Copyright 2003

Space Shuttle Columbia 7 Memory Quilt

May this quilt bring some comfort to the family and friends of the Space Shuttle Columbia 7's crew. This only serves as a small reminder to them that they are not alone in this, that there are so many people out here thinking of them and praying for their families.


Today, 07 February 2003, I received a beautiful email from Peggy with this gift enclosed. I have never won an award online and never expected this.

Peggy wrote: "Your Memorial Dedication Page for Columbia, is so Beautiful and outstanding. You've done such a terrific job and touched all our hearts by allowing us to see everything you've done in their Memory. Thank You so much. Congratulations in Winning My Award for Excellence in Memorial Dedication Pages!"

Thank you Peggy so very, very much. This has touched my heart.

~ Linda May ~

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