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  Allen ELLIS  
Born abt 1797 and Died aft 1806
Married Laurana WEEKS

Noted events in his life were:

1. CENSUS: 1820: , Iredell, NC. 1820 Iredell County NC Census:
Allen Ellis with 1 son under 10 yoa, he and wife aged 16/26.
male 00-10 yoa- 1
feml 15-20 yoa- 1 (spouse?)
male 20-30 yoa- 1 (Allen)

2. CENSUS: 1823: , Cherokee, NC. LDS says he was on the 1823 Census

3. CENSUS: 1830: , Macon, NC. Pg #27 NC5601159
1830 Macon County NC Census:
Allin Ellis; 1m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40; 1f 0-5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 1f 20-30
Allen had moved to Macon County, NC as had some of the Weeks & Allen families., shown with 2 males 0 to 10 and 3 females, 0 to 15.
male 00-10 yoa- 2 (1)
(2) James F.?
feml 00-15 yoa- 3 (1)
Other Ellis families found in 1830 Macon Co NC Census
James Ellis; 1m 0-5, 2m 5-10, 3m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50;2f 0-5, 1f 10-15, 1f 15-20, 1f 30-40
Walter Ellis; 1m 15-20; 1f 15-20
Perry Ellis; 1m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30, 1f 0-5, 1f 20-30

4. CENSUS: 1840: , Cherokee, NC. Pg #248 Ncs4a823418 (Spelled Elice)
1840 Cherokee County NC Census:
Allen Ellis, 5 males and 4 females (names included are assumptions)
male 00-05 yoa- 1 Jasper, app 3 yoa
male 05-10 yoa- 1 Theophilus, app 7 yoa
feml 10-15 yoa- 1 ?
male 15-20 yoa- 1 James F., app 17 yoa
feml 15-20 yoa- 1 ?
feml 20-30 yoa- 1 ?
feml 30-40 yoa- 1 Laurana (Weeks) (if he was married to her then, app 40 yoa
male 40-50 yoa- 1 Allen, app 43 yoa
male 50-60 yoa- 1 ?

Question: How come Joshua does not show up on this census? He was noted as a son, aged 21 on the 1850 Cherokee Co., Census, so he would have been abt. 11 yoa at the time of the 1840 Cherokee Co., Census?

5. CENSUS: 1 Jun 1850: , Cherokee, NC. 1850 Cherokee County NC Census:
male 10-15 yoa-1 Jasper, 13, M, NC
male 15-20 yoa-1 Theophilus, 17, M, Farmer, NC
male 20-30 yoa-2 Joshua, 21, M, Farmer, NC (21 yoa)
James F., 27, M, Farmer, NC
feml 40-50 yoa-2 Laurena, 50, F, NC
male 50-60 yoa- 1 Allen Ellis, 53, M, Farmer, NC
Other's living within household:
Benton Weeks, 20 yoa, M, Farmer, NC
Martha A. Waly?, 15, F
Thomas Burgess, 64, M, Laborer, VA

Other Ellis's living in Cherokee Co, but not near each other or near Allen:
Elles, James C., 24 & Elizabeth1 6
Ellis, Willis 44 & family
Ellis, Thomas 35 & Sarah 42 & family (assumed)

Source: Our Southern Highlanders by Horace Kephart
1850 Cherokee County Farmers and Production in Major Catagory
Ellis, Allen, age 53, 50 acres
Ellis, Tho J., age 35, 14 acres (could this be a son of Allen's)

6. CENSUS: 1860: , Cherokee, NC. -Pg 433, Beaverdam Dist. NC44548437
1860 Cherokee County NC Census
Ellis, Allen NC Cherokee Co. Beaverdam Dist, pg 433

Source: Our Southern Highlanders by Horace Kephart
1860 Cherokee County Farming (in period or Landlords) also had occupation other than strictly farming
Ellis, Allen Miller
Ellis, J.F. Ironworkers (is this James, his son?)

1860 Agricultural Production (1850-1860)
Ellis, Allen, 20 acres
Ellis, Calvin, 30 acres
Ellis, Marcus, 15 acres

1860 Cherokee County, NC Census: (infomation on Ellis's found there)
Ellis, Calvin NC CHEROKEE CO. SHOAL CREEK DIST. 416 1860
Ellis, Jasper NC CHEROKEE CO. MURPHY DIST. 348 1860
Ellis, Mary NC CHEROKEE CO. NOTTA DIST. 417 1860
Ellis, Z. A. NC CHEROKEE CO. MURPHY DIST. 337 1860

7. CENSUS: 1870: , Cherokee, NC. 1870 Cherokee County NC Census
male 30-40 yoa- 1 Theopholis Ellis 39
feml 30-40 yoa- 1 Emmaline 36
and children
male 70-80 yoa- 1 Allen Ellis 77, Miller

  Joshua ELLIS  
Born bet 1755-1760 and Died 26 Dec 1828
Married Ann/Anne/Anna or Amy

Noted events in his life were:

1. CENSUS: 1778: , Montgomery, MD. Found 2 JOSHUA ELLIS's noted as living in Montgomery Co., MD on the 1778 Early MD Census, ID# MDS1a1003501 and ID# MDS1a1003518

Other Ellis's found in Montgomery Co., MD during the 1778 Census:


2. Land Deed: 29 Nov 1787: , Iredell, NC. Deed- Joshua Ellis of Rowan deeded Humphrey Beckett 100 acres on Rocky Creek, 29 Nov 1787, proved 2 Mar 1792 (Iredell DB I, 1780-1797)

3. CENSUS: 1790: , Iredell, NC. Pg 157; 01 05 05 00 00 (Not Sure Which Joshua This Is)

4. Bond: 20 Feb 1793: , Iredell, NC. Bond- Joshua Ellis posted L100 bond when letters of administration were granted to Humphery Beckett Tomlinson for the estate of Grove Tomlinson, 20 Feb. 1793, Iredell Co., NC (Minutes)

5. Indenture: 26 Jan 1798. Bk B:91 Indenture between Joshua Ellis - Wm. Franklin Whiteside, 26 Jan 1798, Jan. Ct. 1798. Joshua Ellis of Iredell Co., "have as a tender father' placed and bound son James Ellis unto Wm. Franklin Whiteside, sadler, of Rutherford Co., NC to learn sadlers trade. Wit: Abel Lewis and Drury Allen.

6. Warrant: 11 Mar 1800: , Iredell, NC. Joshua Ellis warrant #154 dated 11 Mar 1800 (?), 38 acres on south Yadkin River on Thomas Bells, Geo. Locks, Francis Locks line.

7. CENSUS: 1800: , Iredell, NC. Pg. 620; 23210-22001-00

8. Will (of family member): 1801. Named In Father's Will

9. CENSUS: 1810: , Iredell, NC. Pg 265

10. CENSUS: 1820: , Iredell, NC. Pg 231

11. Will: 26 Dec 1828: , Iredell, NC. Will of Joshua Ellis sg 26 Dec 1828 Iredell Co. NC FHL Film #1571950
Wife Ann (Annie) Children Allen, Perry, Martha, Mary; grandchildren; Thomas A. Johnston, son of Wm. Johnston, James A. Ellis son of Allen Ellis, Greenberry Ellis and Peter Claywell Ellis sons of Perry Ellis,; Ex: John A. Marchinson and John Tomlinson Sr.; Wit; Alvin Summers and Perry Tomlinson

12. Family Notes. Information found on Genforum:
Sally Ryan Tomlinson wrote on 18 March 1999 "Jos. Ellis posted L100 bond when letters of administration were granted to HBT for the estate of Grove Tomlinson 20 Feb 1793, Iredell. (Minutes) Joshua Ellis of Rowan deeded Hemphrey Buket Tomlinson 100a. on Rocky Creek, 29 Nov 1787, proved 2 Mar 1792. (Iredell DB I, 1788-1797)
I have the children of Joshua and Amy as Allen, Martha, Perry, Mary; grandchildren Thomas A. Johnston, son of William Johnston; James A. Ellis, son of Allen; Greenberry and Peter Claywell Ellis, sons of Perry. I do not have dates, places or other data for them, which I would appreciate.
Cassandra's brother Joshua Ellis, d. 26 Dec 1828, Iredell Co., NC; m. Amy Tomlinson. I think, but cannot prove, that she may have been a daughter of Grove Tomlinson, a brother of Humphrey Beckett, Hugh and William Tomlinson, sons of Hugh Tomlinson and Johanna (Beckett?) of Frederick Co., MD. She is not named in the wills of either Hugh, Jr. or HBT.
Joshua's executors were John A. Marchinson and John Tomlinson, Sr. (son of HBT); witnesses Alvin Summers, Perry Tomlinson."

  Samuel ELLIS  
Born abt 1721 and Died bef 19 Aug 1801
Married Mary

Noted events in his life were:

1. CENSUS: 1730: , Prince George's, MD. Not Found

2. CENSUS: 1740: , Prince George's, MD. Not Found

3. CENSUS: 1750: , Frederick, MD. Not Found

4. CENSUS: 1756: , Frederick, MD. All Saints Parish-Fredericks Co., MD #126

5. CENSUS: 1760: , Frederick, MD. All Saints Parish-Fredericks Co., MD #145

6. Rent Rolls: Bet 1768-1769: , Frederick, MD. Not Found On Frederick Co., MD Rent Roll

7. Rent Rolls: Bet 1771-1772: , Frederick, MD. Not Found On Frederick Co., MD Rent Roll

8. CENSUS: 1776: Sugar Land Hundred, Frederick, MD. 1776 Colonial Census of Maryland - Maryland State Archives
Sugar Land Hundred; Frederick Co., MD
Ellis, Samuel, 55
Ellis, May, 52
Ellis, Cassandra, 17
Ellis, Anna, 14
Ellis, Samuel, Jr., 10
Sugar, William, 18, in house of Samuel Ellis

9. DAR. B. C 1730, D. P. 7-19-1804 M. Mary ? Ps NC

10. Residence: 1784: Dutchman Creek, Rowan, NC.

11. CENSUS: 1790: , Iredell, NC. Iredell Co., NC #157:01-03-03 (not sure if this is Samuel Sr., or Samuel Jr.)

12. Will Written: 11 Jun 1798: , Iredell, NC. Will of Samuel Ellis sg 11 June 1798
Wife Mary Ellis, Children Solomon Ellis, James Ellis, Joshua Ellis, Zepheniah Ellis, Samuel Ellis Jr., Cassandra (Ellis) Summers, Anne (Ellis) Summers, Jemima (Ellis) Wilson, Kesiah (Ellis) Greenfield. Executor: George Gaither; Wit: Eli Gaither and Basil R. Gaither.

13. CENSUS: 1800: , Iredell, NC. Some Census information for 1800 showing some Ellis families living there at the time. Not sure which one's are connected to mine and which one's are not, other than the one's I have identified.

1800 Iredell County, NC Census: (information on Ellis's found there)
Name Page # Age Range
Ellis, Christopher 634 00011-00101-01
Ellis, James 614 10010-00120-00 (poss Samuel Sr.'s son)
Ellis, Joshua 620 23210-22001-00 (Samuel Sr.'s son)
Ellis, Samuel 620 21011-30010-00 (Samuel Sr.'s son)
Ellis, Thomas 667 00100-2110000
Ellis, William 610 12201-31100-00
Ellis, Zaphiniah 667 31310-0200110 (Samuel Sr.'s son)

14. Will Probated: 19 Aug 1801: , Iredell, NC.

15. Family Notes. Information found on WFT Vol 6, Tree 3092, Adelene B. Watts wrote; "The family, which came from Maryland, appears in the records of Rowan Co., NC, as early as 1784, in the Dutchman Creek area.
Samuel, Sr., was probably born around 1730, according to the DAR Patriot Index, p. 219. From old letters, it is indicated he was born in 1721. He resided in Frederick Co., MD., and Rowan Co., NC. Note says he died in 1806. NC records say 1801. His Revolutionary service is found in Vol. A, p. 12, Accounts of US with NC in Revolutionary War.
A son of Samuel Ellis, Sr., Solomon Ellis, and his wife, Margaret, sold land to Larkin Dorsy on July 30, 1791, of 92 acres, the remainder of the 100-acre tract bought from Joshua Fuller. The deed to Larkin Dorsey mentions the 8 acres as having been sold to Joseph Dorsey. The coincidence is that Larkin Dorsey is the brother of our Dorsey ancestor from the Hallman family tree!
Children of Samuel and Mary: Sons: Solomon, James, Joshua, Zephaniah, and Samuel, Jr. Daughters: Jemimah Wilson, Kesiah Greenfiel, Cassandra Summers, and Ann Summers

16. Correspondence. E-mail sent to me:
-----Original Message-----
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Subject: Re: [MDFR] Ellis family of Fredericks Co., MD -

In l72l the birthplace of Samuel Ellis would have been Prince George's county. In l748 became Frederick County, Samuel Ellis was on the second Court held in the new county, Grand Jury of June court l749. The part that the Ellis' lived in on 1776 Census was Montgomery County, formed from Frederick County in 1776.

"Inhabitants of Frederick County Maryland" Vol l gives a Court Record of l750 reciting a case of Rachel Sprigg v. James Ellis, planter of Frederick county for failure to pay note in l748.

There are a handful of the Ellis mentioned in "Revolutionary Patriots of Montgomery County" including Samuel age 55, who had two taxables l776.

Another Samuel was private in North Carolina militia born l762, born Fred. Co lived Ky,N.C and Missouri recited in "Marylanders to Kentucky" and Revolutonary Patriots of Montgomery County.

One Samuel's daughter Cassandra was widow of William Summers when she married humphrey Beckett Tomlinson.

There is probably much much more on this line. I found this much in about 5 minutes. You will probably find information in Prince George's county, Frederick and Montgomery county records.

Another E-mail received:
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Subject: Re: [MDFR] Ellis family of Fredericks Co., MD -

In a message dated 7/31/00 12:45:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, lbjorklund@triax.com writes: > My Samuel Ellis left MD and I'm told was found as early as 1785 in NC. He died in Iredell Co., NC.<

Have you seen the book "Marylanders to Carolina" by Peden? Possibly there is something in there on him. There is also a followup "More Marylanders to Carolina" also by Peden. - Dorinda Shepley in MD DorindaMd@aol.com

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