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  John Allen ELLIS  
Born 17 Aug 1866 and Died 2 Nov 1955
Married Lucinda Cordelia KILBY

Noted events in his life were:

1. CENSUS: 1880: , Cherokee, NC. 1880 Cherokee County NC Census (Living with father & step-mother Jane)

2. CENSUS: 1890: , Cherokee, NC. 1890 Cherokee County NC Census
John Ellis m. Lucinda Cordelia Kilby abt 1889-1890 and their first child was born in Beaver Dam, Cherokee, NC so I'm assuming he was in Cherokee Co in 1890

3. CENSUS: 1900: , Monroe, TN. 1900 Census
Dist 19 #123
John Ellis, Aug 1866, 33 yoa, md 13 yrs, NC NC NC
dulcy 1865, 34-35 yoa, had 6 kids, 6 living, NC NC NC
Author J. Dec 1887, 11 yoa, NC
Allen, Mar 1890, 10 yoa, NC
Ora Lee, Aug 1892, 7 yoa, NC
Zacharie, Feb 1895, 5 yoa, NC
Zeke, Jan 1896, 3 yoa, NC
Benjamine, Dec 1898, 1 yoa, NC
Martha J. Ellis, Jun/Jan? 1840, 60 yoa, wd/mother, had 4 kids, 4 living NC NC NC

4. CENSUS: 1910: , Monroe, TN. 1910 Monroe County TN Census
John Ellis 43, M. NC (says married 19 yrs.)
Arthur 20, M, NC
Allen 18, M, NC
Ora Lee 17, F, NC
Zack 15, M, TN
Zeke 13, M, TN
Vinnie 11, M, TN
Phoebe 5, F, TN
Rene 2, F, TN
Martha Ellis 71, F, TN (says Mother-In-Law)

5. Residence: Coker Creek, Monroe, TN. Lived out most of his adult life there, died there as well.

  James Aphonzo "Fonz" ELLIS  
Born abt 1822 and Died 19 Oct 1883
Married Martha Jane STARNES

Noted events in his life were:

1. IGI Record. James F ELLIS
Sex: M
N: 1823
Cherokee', 'North Carolina
Father: Allen ELLIS

Batch number: 7111911
Sheet: 33

2. Family Notes. Information from Bill Allen to Curtis Young in reference to some information I had asked Curtis Young about:

Dated: 15 May 1999
"Hey Cuz, haven't heard from you in a while. I did get some information from Bill Allen and it is listed below. I think this may provide some additional information. Let me know what you think. Call me sometime, Curtis"

Bill Allen's message re-routed to me (message dated 13 May 1999 to Curtis):
Curtis, I did some checking and came up with a theory, plus some info that indicated the theory may be supposed as fact.
1.First, I think Winnie is a dau of James F. "Alphonzo?" Ellis, b. ca 1822 and an alliance with Martha Jane Starnes, b. cir 1835 dau of Ira Starnes and Anna nee McGinty-Starnes-Graves.
2.After Ira Starnes died (or divorced Anna) Anna married William Graves in Carter Co., TN 12 Mar 1837. The couple later moved to Cherokee Co. NC (CCNC), probably in the 1840's.
3.The 1860 CCNC census of William and Anna Graves household reflects; William 50, Anna 48, Jane 25, John 20, Caroline 18, Emeline 16, Matilda 13, William 7, Eliza 5, Jas 6, Phebe 5, Sam 1, Jasper Ellis 7 mos, J. F. (Ellis) 39.

[my question: The question? Why would J.F. Ellis be in the household with a 7 mo old baby?]

My theory is that 16 months earlier J.F. had an alliance with Jane Starnes, dau of Anna from her first marriage to Ira Starnes and 7 month old Jasper, is the son of James F. Ellis and Martha Jane Starnes.
4.James F. Ellis is a son of Allen Ellis and Lourena nee Weeks-Ellis. Lourena was a dau of Benjamin Weeks and Hannah nee Allen-Weeks. Hannah was Allen was a sister to my grsandfather, James Allen.
5.Ten years later (1870) J.F. and Martha Jane are missing from the CCNC census, but an "Alphonzo" Ellis, age 50, is living with Jane Starnes, age 36, just three house from Emaline Graves (half sister to Martha Jane Stanres) and the same Hanging Dog community where William and Anna Graves lived. I think this is James F. Ellis and Martha Jane Starnes, the parents of your Winnie. (I can prove this when I check the complete 1870 census as I only have the parents version and have to check the children when I go to Murphy).
6.The 1880 CCNC census; James F. Ellis 58, Martha J. 44, William Jasper 20, Winnie C 18, Emaline 14, John A. 13, Louise 12.
If this theory proves correct all of the above named children were born prior to their 1871 marriage.

Please check this info with your records and let me know what you think. Do you know where J.F. and Martha Jane lived in 1900?? They had left CCNC by then. The birth, marriage or death cert. of Winnie should prove or disapprove this theory--do you have either??


3. CENSUS: 1830: , Macon, NC. Living With Parents

4. Military Record: 1 Aug 1837. The Abstracted record of James F. Ellis in Indian War..would have been but a child then, about 15 yoa

Ellis, James F. Indian War Widow's Cert. 2226
Captain Isaac Truitt's Co., NC Militia
Mustered in at Ft. Butler on August 1, 1837
Mustered out at Franklin on July 16, 1838
Died: James F. Ellis died at Ogreeta, Cherokee Co., NC on 19 Oct 1883
Widow: Martha J. Starnes Ellis filed claim for pension on Jun 2, 1893 and said she married James F. Ellis on Aug 28, 1871.
Pension: $8.00 per month from Jul 27,1 892
Died: Widow died at Haw Knob, Tenn Jan 2, 1920

5. Land Deed: 2 Nov 1838: , Cherokee, NC. Cherokee Co. NC deed Book B, p. 397. "James F. Ellis of the county of Macon, N.C. for $1,137.75 to me in hand pd. by James Patterson of the county aforesaid...185 acres (description given) signed 2 Nov 1838, James F. Ellis"

(James would have been abt 17 or 18 years old at this time)

6. CENSUS: 1840: , Cherokee, NC.

7. CENSUS: 1850: , Cherokee, NC. 1850 Cherokee County Census
Allen Ellis 53
Laurena 50
*James F. 27 *
Joshua 21
Theophilus 17
Jasper A 13
Burton A. Weeks 20 (Parents are Elisha Weeks & Martha Ellis)
Martha Weeks 15
Thomas Burgess 64

8. CENSUS: 1860: , Cherokee, NC. 1860 Cherokee County NC Census
William Graves 50
Anna 48 (maiden name McGinty, widow of Ira Starnes)
Jane 25 (this is Martha Jane)
Caroline 18
Emeline 16
Matilda 13
William 7
Eliza 5
Jas 6
Pheby 5
Samuel 10/12
Jasper Ellis 7/12 (William Jasper Ellis)
J.F. Ellis 39 (James Aphonzo "Fonz" Ellis)
I am told that Jas 6, Pheby 5 and Samuel 10/12 are Jane's children, not William and Anna's and that she was not married to their fathers????

*Note...Jane mentioned above is the daughter of Anna (McGinty) Starnes-Graves. Anna was married to Ira Starnes before she married Wm. Graves. This census does not note a wife for J.F. or show who might be the mother of Jasper, J.F.'s son.

9. CENSUS: 1870: , Cherokee, NC. 1870 Cherokee County NC Census
#28 Murphy Twp
Aphonzo Ellis 50 (James A. Fanz Ellis)
Jane Starnes 36 (the woman he married in 1871)

10. CENSUS: 1880: , Cherokee, NC. 1880 Cherokee County NC Census
#9 Beaver Dam
James F. Ellis 58
Martha J. 44
Wm Jasper 20
Winnie C 18
Emeline 14
John A. 13
Louisa 12
James B. Taylor 24, boarder


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