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  "Let not their little faces be forgotten, nor separated from the families of those who held them, loved them and cherished them enough to keep their images safe from harm so that others could remember them when they were gone."

~ Linda May ~

Nameless Children of Our Past
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  These following albums of photographs are from originals I have that once belonged to my great grandparents, James & Mary Elizabeth (Rhea) Spivey, also my great Uncle & Aunt, Fonds Allen & Maggie Beatrice "Beadie" (Spivey) Ellis, plus many that are in Claude & Ernestina "Tina" Spivey, my parents possessions. He is the son of Luther & Ora Lee (Ellis) Spivey, grandson to James & Mary Elizabeth (Rhea) Spivey. Some of this traveled from Monroe Co., TN around 1917, then others following in early 1920 to Baker County, Oregon. Most of these family memebers were from my father's Paternal side of the family, the Rhea's and Spivey's.

On my father's Maternal side of his family, the Ellis's, only one brother of my grandmother, Ora Lee (Ellis) Spivey, came from Tennessee to Oregon with them. He also married a Spivey. The rest remained in Tennessee where most of their descendants can be found. My Ellis family still lives in Monroe Co.

Areas these photographs may have been taken in are Monroe Co., TN (Tellico Plains, Pheasant Field, Spivey Cove, Green Cove, Citico, Coker Creek), McMinn Co., TN, Cherokee Co., NC (Murphy, Unaka), Graham Co., NC (Robinsville), Polk Co., TN, Union Co., GA (Blairsville), Towns & White Co., GA., as well as other surrounding areas my family lived in. Some may be from the Baker City, Baker Co., OR area if taken after 1920.

Some of the names associated with my family, whether direct or married into or remembered as friends of the family living within the same area are: Spiva, Spivey, Ellis, Starnes, Graves, Dockery, Blevins, Rhea, Hunt, Martin, Donley, Bell, Evans, Plemmons, Hughes, Barrett, Winkler, Self, Bryson, Murphy, Shelton, Sylvestor, and many more.


When you look at their little faces
Who is it that you might see,
Do they look like they’re related?
I know it’s a possibility.

I wonder what their names were
I know they had to have one,
For on the day the camera flashed
This child belonged to someone.

Just look into their little eyes
And tell me what you think you see,
Maybe you can tell if they’re related
It would mean so much to me.

No child should be left without a name
Even though it’s a photograph,
And because I know that they once lived
I try to imagine their little laugh.

This child was special to someone we know
A friend, relative, a husband and wife,
Please help me find their family for them
So I can bring back their memories of life.
~ Linda Spivey-Bjorklund
©Copyright 17 August 2004 ~
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Nameless Children of Our Past

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