11 September 2001
11 September 2006

Memories. An image or impression of one that is remembered.

We all share in the memory of that fateful day on 11 September 2001. Even those who did not live in America share all the tragic events that would eventually leave many divided on who you could trust, and who you could not. Some would become skeptical, even afraid of friends and neighbors they'd known for years, wondering if they were secretly planning the next eruption of violence, and all of this because of their ethnic background. How sad that because of what the terrorist have planted within our hearts and our minds that we, as free Americans, feel chained to the fear of more events disrupting our lives and killing thousands more of our loved one.

You would think that after five years our lives could be lived by a renewed sense of peace, but that is not to be. For five years we have continually been subjected to threats of destruction from those who took the lives of thousands of innocent people and no matter what anyone does the fear does not go away. The heartache and pain these terrorist left in our hearts did not only just hurt Americans, it affected the lives of many others who did not even live in America and were innocent of any wrong doing. They paid the price of freedom here in America with their lives, just as thousands of Americans did so that day as well. Our lives will never be the same. We will always remember what has happened to us.

Remembering That Fateful Day

It's been five years ago today
In America where lives were changed,
And on that day of pure tragedy
So many lives were rearranged.

New York's two towers tumbled down
From the impact of two airplanes,
And thousands of innocent people
Would never live in this life again.

Then we watched as our Pentagon
Took a hit from another plane,
Where more lives would be sadly lost
And our hearts would be filled with pain.

Through the horror of this deadly day
Many heroes would be named by all,
Especially on the last flight of 93
Where their names the angels would call.

Five years have passed since that fateful day
And we Americans share the dark memories,
But because we are true to the words we say
We’ll move on with the blessings of HE.

Linda May Spivey~Bjorklund
11 September 2006, Copyright 2006