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Mission: New Computer

The Background: If you have ever suffered from using an ancient computer, you will be able to sympathize with my story. I have a very ancient machine that I am currently using. This machine takes up much space, yet has very little to offer. It is running only on 16 mbs of RAM and the hard-drive is almost full. It is slower than a snail with a turtle on it's back. I use it for homework and the net, but each take SO much longer than they should due to my slow computer. Want an example? It took me over an hour to make this simple page.

The Mission: A few days ago I was at office depot. There, while browsing, I saw it. A computer. A new one. A cheap one. I wanted it. When I returned to my dorm I did my homework. I found that the brand of the computer was basically crap. After much conversing and research, a friend got me hooked on the idea of buying a dell. Specifically, this one The goal is to get this by Christmas-time.

The Challange: Unfortunately, I am a very poor college student. So I have a favor to ask. There is absolutely NO obligation whatsoever, no matter how well you know me, to do this. But if anyone really truly WANTS to help, I am accepting donations. If you were already planning to get me a gift for Christmas, I would much prefer you donate to my fund. If not, that's absolutely 100% fine. I will not hold it against ANYONE and it is completely up to you whether you decide you want to donate or not. If however, you decide that you WOULD like to help out, just send me an e-mail at and let me know. Thank you very much, everyone, whether you donate or not. Oh, and there will be no self-destructing in this webpage... I'm not familiar enough with html to put that in :)

UPDATE: I bought the computer slightly before Christmas, but mostly with my own money and some donations.. I'm still accepting donations if you happen to want to help. C'mon.. help a poor college student. Where's Bill Gates when you need 'im??