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My Dorm Room

This is my bed and some surrounding decorations.

Here's my desk and my shelf with my cd player and other various foo-foo products on it. Below that is my mini-fridge.

This is my speakers and the top of my wardrobe with a ton of pictures in frames on top of it.

This is my stacked dressers with more pictures and my famous painting on it. To the right of that is my mirror on my door.

This is my spare desk, aka: breakfast table. I also keep my pets on there along with my text books. To the left of that is a shelf my mom bought me which I decorated by putting a dried rose in a vase on top of it. To the right is my spare wardrobe.

this is my "guest bed". Above it is a framed picture of my grandparents on their wedding. It's adorable.

This is my window with the curtains my mom made me from my bedskirt. It matches my bed perfectly.