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My Friends

Lissa~ My favorite little hot red-head who I can count on. Also my best friend.

Kristi~ The funniest chick ever! She's got humor, beauty AND brains!

Noah~ Ah Noah, wise among men, and even women! Friend, mentor, all-around great guy *sniffle*, I love you man!

Adam~ I've known him for quite a while, and it's sorta a funny story, but I wont tell it. He's a great guy. One of those rare nice guys. Thanks for everything bud.

Simon~ My other "brother". The funny award for GUYS goes out to him. He has a great sense of humor and knows how to be a friend. But he's lousy at giving *someone* flowers!

Mike~ He's a pain in the butt, but almost lovable. He can be nice when he wants to be.

Makum~ A really good friend although I almost never talk to him anymore. He's such a little cutie and a nice guy.

The Frog Formerly Known As Prince~ This is my quizzing mascot, and he's loved to death at quizzing, although certain people attempt to kill him.

Bob~ My ex b/f. He's pretty nice, he'll get a pretty okay resume from me if anyone's interested.

Amanda~ My friend in quizzing, who is absolutely gorgeous. She, like Kristi, is also incredibly smart.

Wes~ A cool guy who likes to have backwards conversations with me.

Nate~ a sweet guy who I admire greatly for his faith and courage.

Lem~ My school chum. She and I had great times in Whitley's class, hitting him with apples and all...

Peter~ Yet another crazy Washington guy. He's REALLY good at webmastering and stuff, and has made many things for me.

Andy (scud)~ Another great webmaster.

Matt G~ a TOTAL stud and a lady killer. Also one of the coolest friends anyone could ever ask for.

Matt L~ a really awesome dude who knows how to treat people.

Meg~ my sweet little "sister" who is adorable and I love very much.

Zach~ a cool guy with a full-grown beard.

Brent~ a sweet guy who is not afraid to talk about deep stuff.

Sara~ Another adorable little "sister". She never fails to make me laugh.

Donna~ a great girl who I didn't like at first but finally couldn't resist her charm.

Jason B~ Another ex. We used to have really great convos and stuff but not too much lately.

Jason~ Another boy named Jason. He's really sweet and shy.

Heather~ a spicey little asian who's not afraid to be blunt.

Colin~ A resident of P-town who loves golf.

Tim~ my fake b/f for whom I somewhat named my car after.

SaraJane~ a fellow midget mafia member who's even shorter than I am.