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Why A Women's Militia?


The purpose of a militia, as we all know, is for the defense of this country against all enemies, both foreign, and domestic.   In the
worst case scenario, our own government has become a threat to our very wellbeing.  I have come understand the need for a mass call to action of all Patriots within our borders to stop this monster.  When I discovered NATO equipment housed throughout stategic points around the country, I knew that the time for action had come.  Now, as to the call to women, I propose units around the country founded on the protection of our most precious asset, our children.  Without them, our future is meaningless.  What then, exactly, are we fighting for, if not for them?  I propose that these units gather the weapons of our war;  food, equipment, seeds, fabric, etc.  This is not only a war of Revolution, but also one of our very survival as a free nation.  And historically, national survival has ultimately fallen on the shoulders of the women.  Not that I'm against the "normal" militia/military thinking of guns, and more guns.  Like a dear friend of mine coined, "prior planning prevents piss poor performance".  And weaponry is a necessary evil in any war.  However, who is it that's going to be patching together and feeding these warriors?   Who is it that has to deal with the repercussions of war?  We, and our children, grandchildren, and the orphans which we find along the road and take in as our own. Yes, it is time to call ourselves to action ladies, it is time to gather the weapons of the war which we, ourselves, will be fighting.  Weapons which are as vital as any war machine.


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