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About Us


Who We Are:

Women who choose not to partake in para-military maneuver's, or frontal attack's resulting in blood-shed.  Not to say that we won't kill when necessary, we certainly will!  We are women who choose the path of survival first.  Survival of family, friends, and our once great nation.  Women who will risk all for the sake of restoring the United States of America to the Republic for which it was originally intended.

What We're About:

This is an organization of women who wish to use their God given talents not only against this present business owned, shadow government, but also for the survival of the American peoples.

Things We Can Do:

1;  Get trained And Certified In CPR And First-aid (most medical situations can be cared for using these techniques), And Begin (or continue) Stockpiling Medical Supplies.

2;  Along With Your Regular Family Stockpiling, Add Large Cans, And Boxes Of Food Service Sized Containers (you never know when you might just be entertaining our troops for a day or two).  Be Sure To Add Extra Blankets, A Goodly Stockpile Of Medical Supplies, Etc.

3;  If You Do Not Already Know How To Use Weaponry, LEARN HOW.  There Is Always A Reason, And A Varmit (that's with two legs, and an Uzi!!!!) That Get's In The Way Of "You And Your's" Survival.

4;  Learn Those Folk Remedies!!!!!!!!!  I Can't Stress This Enough.  Our Grandmother's Got Along Without Many Of Our Modern Medicines, And We Can Too!

5;  Buy Books!!!!!!!!!!!  Portable Reference Books That Cover Everything From Candlemaking, To Field Cooking, To How To Dig A Proper Latrine, To Field Medicine.

6;  Get Together!!!!!!!  Form Small Units And Share Your Knowlege And Abilities With Each Other.  Join A Co-op, And Share The Cost Of Supplying Your Families (a good place for those bulk supplies too).


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