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Barter Goods For A 
Cashless Society

1)  Needles and Thread (thread can be
     wound around a scrap of cardboard
     for trade, and needles bring a hefty
     trade in their own right)
2)  Fabric (esp. corduroy,
     flannel, birdseye cotton (for diapers),
     as well as pretty yard goods), purchase
     in bolts, and trade from there
3)  Embroidery floss, and lace, pretty
     button sets are another idea
4)  Small kitchen utensils (knives, graters,
     measuring spoons and cups, meat grinders,
     can openers)
5)  And most importantly, do not forget to
     out-fit "you and your's" accordingly, remember,
     this is about getting the things that your family
     needs by making sure that you have the right
     things to offer in trade for them

Barter Trades

If you can sew, embroider, knit, crochet, build anything, or you're great at sharpening knives you have a ready made source of barter!  Also, any kind of medical background is always well traded!  Remember, you may very well not have that man around to be the provider, be it father, brother, husband, son, or grandfather.  Above all, this site is about survival, and it will be up to us to do just that!


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