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About Me


First of all, I am a Patriot, from a very long line of Patriots which extends back to our War Against The Tyrany Of England.  A line which spans, virtually unbroken into the present.  I was raised to believe that this was the greatest nation on the planet, one that is worth fighting, and dying, for.  I was also raised to believe that God, family, and friends came before the needs of outside nations.  And that giving our lives for the protection of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was our bound duty to perform.  Secondly, I'm the mother of three grown children, and I'll be damned if the NWO is going to come in and take their Constitutional rights away from them without one hellatious fight from their mother!  Thirdly, I am not a killer, nor do I make bombs in the basement, let alone plan explosions in my sleep.  I'm a middle aged woman that most would accuse of reading too much as my worst flaw.  That is, if you overlook the dirty dishes in the sink, some days there are simply more important issues to deal with, like survival.  That, and educating ones-self concerning the world around them.  I was born during the Eisenhauer Administration, and watched in horror as John Kennedy was shot on live television.  I have seen so many changes, sometimes they seem like too many changes.  I am a student of History, as well as Scripture and Prophecy.  I've witnessed not only history repeating itself (Hail Ceasar!), but have seen prophecy fulfilled and unfolding before my very eyes, especially over the past twenty years.  And not being one to follow the vouge thinking of the masses, I've always had to study, and work things out for myself.  Through my years of growth and study, I've come to look at the world through the attitude of, "Well then, what are you going to do about it?".  That answer comes down to banding together with others who have traveled the path of education, and have come to similar conclusions.  I see the world screaming into a collision with destiny, and the ulimate question simply, "Well then, what are we going to do about it"?


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