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The Jackass Guys

Hi, I am working on this one, please be patient. If you have any info on the guys I would really appreciate it. Oh, and also thanks a ton to ckygirl144 for all your info.

Johnny Knoxville
Real Name: P.J. Clapp
Johnny grew up in Knoxville Tennesee, and was born in the year 1971, which makes him 29 years old. He has a 4 1/2 year old daughter named Madison, he also has been married for 5 years to his wife who I have heard is named either Melanie or Michelle. He earned a scholarship to for acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in California but never graduated. He became and editor for Big Brother Magazine, which spawned his intrest in extremely dangerous and stupid stunts. Johnny's skateboarding movies "Shit" "Number Two" and "Boob" led to the idea for Jackass. Johnny had a very small role(no name)in "Coyote Ugly" as well. Rumor has it Johnny is working on three new movies; "Big Trouble" "Deuces Wild" and "The Tree." For more info on Johnny, check out Absolute Jackass.

Bam C. Margera
Real Name: Brandon C. Margera
Bam was born on 9/28/79. He currently lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is a pro skater and used to skate for Toy Machine but left them and now is skating for Element. He is sponsored by Element, Electric, Spitfire, Volcom and Adio. He has been skateboarding since 1988. Bam's favorite skaters are Boulala, Penny, Maldonado, Getz, Saari, and Hoof. His favorite bands are Depeche Mode, CKy, Atrocity, Anethema, HIM, Iron Maiden, and Death Metal. His interests include skateboarding and filming. Bam's favorite food is toasted everything bagel w/ mayo, lettuce and tomato. His favorite movies are Good Will Hunting, Mall Rats, Fost Boys, Robin Hood "Men In Tights". Bam hates Tod Swank and he likes his S4 and A4, hoofs gear, and FDR Park. He has a girlfriend named Jenn Rivell and they have been together for awhile. Bam drives a bright blue 2000 Audi. Before Jackass Bam made the skate/stunt movies "Jump off a Building" "Landspeed Cky" and "Cky2k." Bam is currently working on a movie called "Your Life is Pathetic" which is all about Ryan Dunn's pathetic life.

Chris Pontius
Real Name: Chris Pontius
I am pretty sure he is a professional skater(if not he's pretty good). Also, he used to work in some way for Big Brother but I don't know what he did. Right now he is selling autograph's of himself to raise money for a movie he and his friend are doing. Finally, Becky Bell(from the Eggnog Challenge) is his girlfriend, and she's a model. In cause you can't tell, more info on Mr. Pontius would be great.

Brandon Dicamillo
Real Name: Brandon Ralph Dicamillo
Bran lives in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He and Bam met in a high school film class when both their films were "me doing shit with my friends and him doing shit with his friends." His interests are filming, "making shit", G.I. Joe, He-Man, innventing things, streetfighters, transformers. His favorite horror movie is To all a Good Night and his favorite action movie is Chinese Connection. He has a girlfriend named Heather that most of his friends don't like. He worked with Bam on "Landspeed: Cky" and "Cky2k" before Jackass.

Real Name: Steve Glover
Ok, believe it or not, he trained to be a clown in the Ringling Brother's Circus, but didn't make it. He used to live in New Mexico, but after flunking out of clown college, moved to Florida.

Ryan Dunn
Real Name: Ryan Dunn
Ryan Dunn was born on 6/11/77. His hobbies are sleeping and eating. Ryan's tattoo's are a Red Hot Chilli Pepper's sign, Blair Witch, a plus sign, weights, a nuse, and a BMW logo. His favorite music is Life of Agony, Ignite, The Clash, Billy Joel, and Eddie Money. Ryan Dunn's favorite food is red beet eggs. His favorite movies are Gross Point Blank, One Crazy, and Annie. He has hated everything at one point in time. He likes the TV in his car, his jean jacket, and his mom. He used to have a girlfriend named Lauren, but I heard they broke up.

Dave England
Real Name: Dave England
He lives in Portland, Oregon, which I now know for a fact. He likes snowboarding, and I am almost possitive he used to live in San Fransisco.

Ehren McGhehey
Real Name: Ehren McGhehey
He also lives in Portland.

Raab Himself
Real Name: Chris Raab
He dislocated his shoulder durring the shopping carts skit. His favorite bands are Pearl Jam and Phish, and his favorite movies are Friday and Good Will Hunting.

Wee Man
Real Name: Jason Acuna
He lives in Hunnington Beach, Ca, and he is a pro skater.

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