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Hello all! My name is David Bissonette and I'm a freshman at Northwest Christian College in Eugene, Oregon. My major is Christian Youth Ministry and by no means am I ready to step up to the role of any type of pastor yet, but I really feel a burden on my heart to do everything in my power to help win kids over to the Kingdom of God. At this point there is not a whole lot I can do on any grand scale, so I've put together this little site, comprised mostly of links, in hopes of leading at least one person to the Lord (or to someone who can help them find their way there). The Bible says that when a person accepts Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour, all the angels in Heaven rejoice, so even one will be enough to fill my heart with joy.

This page will list my e-mail address at the bottom. I sincerely hope to recieve your feedback and questions. I am no Bible scholar, but I do have a pretty strong foundation of knowledge in the word, so please feel confidant in my ability to answer your questions; and if I can't, I will certainly find someone who can.

Good luck to you all in your search for truth and fulfillment in life. God bless. Dave

Did you know?

Christ died to pay for the forgivness of your sins.

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