It's been a while. Shit, it's been 2 years. Almost 2 years exactly. For some reason, people have been bugging me since the day I pulled the plug on Hangnail Industries to do another zine. There was the Punk Rock Retard thing, I was hyped about it at the time, and well, it just never took off. For a while now, I've been thinkin bout gettin back in the water, and now, it's finally time. So first things first, I needed a name. I kicked around a few options, and then I went back to the well. I went to a Groovie Ghoulies show armed with cereal, and asked Kepi if he would name my new fanzine. I told him it was dedicated to drinking gambling and punk rock. He took a minute and drew me a map.
"It's about drinking, gambling and punk rock, what do these things have in common? The one thing they all have in common, is they're all... NICE VICES" --- Kepi Ghoulie

All so simple. Now it had a name, and courtesy of Kepi Ghoulie, it had it's first piece of artwork. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a fanzine to put together. I need to get back to work, if only I can remember how to. You can use the link above to get to the old H.I. archives. There's still some good stuff there, plus you can get on the email newsletter and know right away when the new page is up. If you don't wanna sign up, you can check back here every day.

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