Hearing Your Voice

Hearing your voice

Makes my world seem brighter

Even when we are miles apart.

Hearing words of reassurance,

Knowing you have missed me,

Sets my heart,

Sets my soul at ease,

I only now wish

To hear I love you,

From you again,

To hear you say it

Like you have done before.

It has been five years

Since I first heard

That voice that soothes me,

The one that sets me weak,

The one I could not

Live without.

Please my darling

I want to feel the embrace

Of love I have felt,

Give me the pleasure

Of being by your side,

Make me feel love

Beyond dreams untold,

I only want to be

With you from now on,

To go through good,

To go through bad,

To go through whatever,

It truly doesnít matter to me

As long as I am with you.

Hearing your voice,

Always sets me free,

Always makes me think

Of all the things we have been through,

Of the good and bad,

The happy and sad,

And how we have made our way,

When others have tried to come between,

This relationship we have,

But we never let them win,

Because we had strength

To last through everything.

That voice has soothes me

Through many of lifeís troubles,

Through many of lifeís hardships,

Through many of lifeís good times,

Through many of lifeís sad times,

Through many things.

It is the one thing I can count on,

The one that has keep me going

When I didnít know if I could be strong,

The one that could keep the hope alive

As I tried to make it through,

Just one more time.

Hearing your voice,

Do many things to me,

It brings me up when I am down,

Makes me smile when I am sad,

It brightens my world

Because I know that I have something to cherish,

Something to love,

Something I know

Forever more.

Hearing your voice,

Is one of the best things in this world,

Is one thing I will always adore,

Is one thing that brings emotions

Out from this heart,

Is one thing I know I can count on

Throughout the years,

To be the thing to give me hope,

To be the thing that soothes me,

To be the thing that has

Me fall in love with you,

All over again.

Dedicated to Adam Sievers