Don't Rape Me Daddy

Please donít hurt me,

donít you know

I donít want you that way?

Please donít make me

take those pills

just so I wonít know.

I already know what

is going to happen next.

Donít you know I want

to respect you,

that I want to love you,

that I donít want things

to come to this.

Please donít come

any closer

donít you have

any respect for me?

I wanted to love

you even though

you arenít my real dad.




Now, I feel the drugs

kicking in

as I lose consciousness

and I see things

I have only seen

in my nightmares.

You maybe able to rape

my body

but you will not rape

my soul

although I know

I will not be strong enough

to be able to say that

to myself.

Go on finish already,

but I just wish

you wouldnít.

Canít you hear

my screams to stop?

Please, donít do this!

No, please donít!

The world goes black

as everything disappears.

Why daddy?

Why have you done this

to me?

Dedicated to Leslie