Mandy's Creative Writing Page

Mandy's Creative Writing Page

Welcome to my Creative Writing Page. My name is Mandy Shorb. I am 24 living in Hillsboro with my wonderful husband and my mom. I have been writing all my life but have been getting more into it for the last eight years. I have been published five times by one poem called "Lost Time," "Portrait 8" published once, "The Rose in My Heart," published three times by different companies, "Got a Life" published once, and "Meant to Be" published once. This page will have my work along with some friends of mine.

At the moment the Authors Page has the following people: Adam Sievers, Julie Deshtor, Bob Goldstein, Marc, Anthony Wright, Verena Flocke, Missty, Jeff, Charles Bosse, Paul D. Aronson, Alicia, Cecilia Bivald, Mike, Beth Gordan, Jewel, Bryan, Phoenix, Indiana, Janelle Leek, Amber, Deborah, Cgreen, Renee, Casey, Sam, Kat, Jacob, Marc 2, Kath, Tom, Lady Willow, Jack, Gene Johns, Bill, Michael, Patti, and Gene Murtha. Everyone has some things on their respective pages so please take a look and come back often as more stuff gets added. You will be able to find Poems, Short Stories, and etc. I hope you enjoy this page! Also all work here is copyrighted so please do not copy.

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