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This is a picture of Testament Falls. It is over 80 feet tall and is beautiful as it appears in this picture year round.

The previous three pictures are taken from the location of the astronomy overnighter at Camp Cooper. We call this location Night Skies and as you can see it deserves its name

This is a picture of a previous staff member, David M. This was taken in 1996, I believe before the docks were replaced (the new ones are wonderful thanks to Scott!)

This is a picture of Marissa . She did a wonderful job running the Rifle Range from 1996-1999.

This is a picture of Joe running the archery range. Joe worked in many areas throughout Cooper from the time he was 14 until he left for the army.

This is a picture of Justin. He was on staff for multiple years and is currently over in Germany.

This is a picture of a volunteer staffer named Jared, I believe

This is a picture of John and Stephanie

A picture of Stephanie, Justin, and John

A picture of Steph and me

This is a picture of a "fake" robbery with Rob and Andy

This is a picture of Matt M.

Here is a picture of the kitchen guys

This is a picture of Josh, Aaron, and Derrick V.

A picture of Chachi and Justin at Justin's Eagle Court

This is a picture of Scott, Andy, and Justin

This is a picture at Justin's Eagle Court of Andy,Karrie,Aaron,Chachi,and me

This is a picture of Ryan with his dead rattlesnake that he later had for dinner

Right after Camp School in California, Chachi,Pucci,Ryan,Marissa, and Brendan got a little wet

This is a picture of Myles. He was a member of the waterfront staff in 1995. He was then from New Jersey and came all the way out to Oregon to work at Cooper.

These are pictures from Andy and Karrie's wedding!They met at Cooper in 1995.

This is a picture that is extremely old of the Herbert Rydell Nature Trail at Camp Cooper. This is one of the most beautiful trails that leads to Testament Falls