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To sign this petition, please send your name, location (state, city, and country) and date infected. You do not have to have Lyme Disease to sign this petition. Send your information to

Signatures received: 835

To whom it may concern:

As Lyme Disease patients, or supporters of Lyme Disease patients, we, the
undersigned, do hereby proclaim our support of Dr. Joseph Burrascano and
while unable to attend the rally of November 9, 2000 held on his behalf, do
state with our signatures, a solidarity with those in attendance.

As an experienced physician in the treatment of Lyme and other tick
borne disorders, Dr. Burrascano has led the way in developing new and more
ethical treatment guidelines for these infectious diseases. Through his
compassion and dedication he has been instrumental in alleviating the
suffering of thousands of ill individuals who otherwise would have been left
improperly diagnosed and insufficiently treated. His willingness to consider
scientific evidence indicating persistence of infection and his clinical
agility to adjust an inadequate and outdated standard of care to meet the
needs of his patient population, affirm him as a physician of true integrity
and capability. The current hearings for medical misconduct are wholly
unfounded and are, we believe, nothing but an inappropriate attempt by the
New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct to use its discretionary
power to intrude upon the doctor/patient relationship and dictate medical
care with regard to Lyme Disease. Citing this as a ! clear abuse of the OPMC's
authority, we, along with the rally participants, do hereby demand the
following considerations:

1. A legislative investigation of the OPMC into its regulatory practices
regarding physicians who treat Lyme Disease and other tick borne disorders to
ensure absence of medical bias, fair consideration of all relevant scientific
evidence and impartiality of professional affiliates and expert testimony.

2. The inclusion of a public forum in any legislative investigation of the
OPMC regulatory practices involving Lyme Disease physicians to allow for
patient participation and an airing of their concerns.  

3. A moratorium on investigations of Lyme Disease physicians by the OPMC
until such time as absence of medical bias, fair consideration of all
relevant scientific evidence and impartiality of professional affiliates and
expert testimony can be assured.

Lyme Disease is a complex illness and much is yet to be learned about this
serious and debilitating infection. Dr. Burrascano's contributions to
advancing the understanding of this devastating disease have been
immeasurable and he has our utmost respect and appreciation.

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