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Welcome to My Bead Collection!

Dzi beads (pronounced Zee) are very old, believed by Tibetans to bring luck and protection to the wearer. Prized by collectors, practicing Buddhists, and many countries throughout the Himalayas, these rare ancient beads have a rich history of lore and mysticism. Still worn daily in many cultures, these desirable beads have seen increased interest, not only by eastern countries but in the western world as well.

Pumtek Beads

Pumtek ("buried thunderbolt") beads are important heirloom beads among the Chin, who live in the Chin Hills of western Myanmar (formerly Burma) and the adjacent area of eastern India, where they are called Kuki. The beads were made over 1000 years ago by the Pyu, the builders of the first state in Burma.

Dzi & Pumtek Necklaces

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