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Ah, my love
They tell me
"Dry your tears
And cease to grieve..
Tis not meet
Before eternity
To lament so long,
So Deep"!
They do not see
That all my heart
Cries for you
As if you were
My heart
Torn living
From my breast!
What shall I place
In this gaping wound?
Day is night to me
And night a fierce
Strange day
Blazing with memory.
They think
I mourn you
As a wife
Mourns her
Much-loved mate.
How can I ever
Make them see
This is non-existent!
I mourn you
As the rain
Weeps for its lost
As the ray
Burns for its lost
As the scent
Faints for its lost
As the echo dies
For its lost voice!
I never knew
Such strength was
Like some strange
Forged for outer space
I subsist in the heat
Of utter longing!
Comes at last,
Soon or late
My soul will burn
Away its prison
And be gone.

Ruhiyyih Khanum

January 7, 1958
"Poems of Passing".
Written after the death of her beloved husband, Shoghi Effendi.

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