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Privacy Notice!

Ashlys World of Wonders

Please note that Ashlys World of Wonders, is not recommending any Medical Treatments, nor
advertising for any Medical Facility, nor able to diagnose any conditions. I'm not a health care professional

We shall always recommend that a person seek medical treatment and advise when dealing with any
symptoms, or any related illness. This is a courtesy to our guests seeking information on Health Issues.

Although the hitometer does gather information about our visitors,
It's used for ONLY tracking my site statistics: or referring websites,
we don't receive any personal information about you via our tracker
as your e-mail address, name, address, or phone number if its listed

I DO ask that you, out of respect for all the artists who have designed the
graphics for my adoptions, the pets, animations, or background sets on my
pages, that you do not take any of them. I have provided a link back to the
artists page, please visit their sites and get your own. If you see one of
your graphics being displayed here, without your proper permission,
or that is linked uncorrectly, Please let me know so I can change them.

This site is family safe. Though there may content you may wish to view
with first because we do provide Medical resources on disorder related
issues on some of our pages. THERE shouldn't be any links to adult or
pornographic material on my site at all, if you do please contact me
Shilo Young, web site owner

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