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Our Parkinson's Disease Page


Here you will find medical resources
and links for Parkinson's Disease and
related diseases: as well as a variety
of links to fishing, hunting, gardening




Parkinson's Disease Society

Multiple Symptom Atrophy

European Parkinson's Disease Association

Michael J. Fox Foundation

Shy-Drager Syndrome

Parkinson's Disease Message Board

Parkinson's Disease:
A Thorough Review

James, site about
Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease
Caregiver Information

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease Index

PDF -Parkinson's
Disease Foundation, Inc

Parkinsons Disease Control

World Parkinson Disease
Association (WPDA)

Welcome To Park Place
Bulletin Board


Welcome to the Alzheimer's Association

Coping-Caregiving for Victims
of Pick's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease

Arthritis Foundation Home Page

American Diabetes Association

RXlist-Internet Drug Index

Senior's Web



Cardiovascular Institute of South



Caregiver Burnout

The Home Caregiverís Guide
to Coping With the Hospitalization
of Your Loved one

How Can I Care for Both of Us?
Because We Care

Table of Contents: Because We Care

Administrationon Aging Elder Page
Information for Older Persons

Respite Center

The Caregiver's Handbook


Your Care: Stress Test

12 Suggestions For
Taking Care Of Yourself

Family Caregiver Alliance

Our Parkinson's support group
Parkinsons Disease Support

There are a few pharmaceutical companies that provide
Free Medications to people who are unable to afford
prescription medications for their health conditions
Each company, has a certain criteria that must be met
But, you must have Doctor's orders with all of them!!!

Affording Care:
How To Get Free Medications
The Place to Learn About
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's

Pharmaceutical Research
and Manufacturers of America

deerPlease don't take the pets!
visit their site, for yours
for the big buck please visit
  the Wild Life Adoption site
and for the animated deer
  the site
buck territory



Oregon Coast

Fishermans Landing

Fishermans Guide

Fishing and Hunting

Fishing Secrets

Hunting Databases
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Hunting Seasons

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Great Fishing Jokes!

Oregon Coast:
State Park Campgrounds

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Acme Pet
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Mark and Cyndi's Family Tree


Ancestral Findings
Free Genealogy Lookups

When I was in my early teens, I moved in with my
grandparents, and they became my legal guardians
They like others, become parents again, and choose
to raise their grandchildren instead of retiring


Grandparent's Web

Grandparent's Visitation Rights


Grandparent's Resource

fredrick the farmerThis is Fredrick, grandpa's guardian
who has decided to keep the garden
looking good now that he has gone

My Grandpa loved being outdoors, He spent most of it taking care of
his vegetable garden, the cherry and apple trees, and all his berries.
When I was a teenager I used to sneak into the blueberries, and then
I'd hide under a bush giggling, then listen for his familiar, Get that
red-headed woodpecker out of my blueberries before I shoot it!!
His idea of a Saturday was ringing this dratted bell hooked outside
my bedroom, waking both my Aunt and me so we could pit cherries
at 6:00 am! (NOT!) but guess again, he had us pitting thos cherries

anicatopcelerycorn brocoli
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Organic Gardening

The Garden Helper for beginners

Patio and Sunroom furniture

Debby's Garden Links
Links to gardening related web
sites, hints and tips plus plants
for specific locations in the garden.

The Gardener's Net
Great gardening resource covering
a wide variety of topics & subjects

Helping Hints
Helpful Hints for all gardening types

The Gardening Launch Pad
Over 2,000 Gardening Links

Windows, Glass, Skylights & Doors

Search the AgriSurf! Database

SearchDirectories Sites Both
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meat waterbone
shadowThis is Shadow, our family pet
she loves to take long walks
snuggle at grandma's feet
and eat people food

They were adopted from
Happy Pets adoption Center & Pet accessories



Grandpa was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1991-93 or so,
There were some warning signs when we look back, but for the most
part he had hidden his symptoms from us and then later convince all
his hunting buddies to keep quiet about his loss of balance that would
occasionally happened or say I'm fine! I don't need a doctor! scat!

By the time he consented to see a doctor, he'd had Parkinson's for
several years, and he was put on levadopa and cinamet to help his
symptoms and to keep them from progressing. About 3-4 years after
being diagnosed, it was evident that his symptoms were progressing
quickly inspite of his taking the maximum allowed doses of levadopa

At first he'd stoop when he'd walk, then walk dragging his hands near
the floor. Then shuffling his feet unable to move one foot in front of
the other. like he'd forgotten how to walk unless he was told how to
His voice became soft where you'd have to bend close to hear him
His mind drifted into the past, thinking it was 30 years ago, and he
talk about places and things like it was happening at that moment, or
he'd look and then ask for his wife although she was next to him. He
didn't reconize the older woman, because he remembered her young

He loved to taunt grandma at med time, he'd grin slightly and then
spit it right back at her claiming he'd already taken it! while his eyes
twinkled as they argued back and forth on whether he took his meds
In time, he had problems drinking or swallowing his food, and instead
of words he only could make gargled sounds and noises in his throat
He also lost the ability to walk, sit in a wheelchair, he was bedridden

I dedicate this page in loving memory to grandpa who passed from
complications of pneumonia in April of 1999, and to my grandma. We
say he's hunting that huge white stag and catching salmon in the skies


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