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Hello and welcome to my site, Ashly's World of Wonders.
I originally created Ashly's World of Wonders a couple of
years ago, and I named the site after my daughter, Ashly.

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Ashly's World of Wonders has a wide large variety of links
for your browsing needs. We have several pages of medical
resources for parenting a child with Special Needs as well as
Pages full of links to wav's, search engines, directories kids
stuff, Parkinson's Disease, web tools and shareware sights!!

Foundation and Charities
Children charities & foundations providing
help to children who have chronic illnesses
and who have special medical needs: Wish
foundations and medical air flight charities

Ashly's World of Links
A page with links to other sites that I like
to browse, most of them have a ton of links

Ashly's World of Fun Pages
A page with linking to humor sites tests,
quizzes, online letter generators, fun etc

Other Home Pages
This page has a variety of links to several
nice personal home pages with good content

Software Links
Links to shareware & freeware, graphics, web
tools, troubleshooting, Windows 95/98 files, etc

Webtool Resources
Links to sites that offer free java scripts, siglets
free background sets and graphics, pet adoption,
counters, guest books, html resources, and more

About Ashly's Rare Skeletal Disorder
This page describes my daughter's rare disorder
Geleophysic Dysplasia thought to be a lysosomal
disorder. info on our geleophysic support group

Ashlys Short Stature and Dwarfism Resources
This Page provides a large variety of resources
for those who have Dwarfism, skeletal Dysplasia
conditions and disorders that result in dwarfism

Disability Links and Resources
This Page provides a large a large variety of Child
Disability links for your parenting your special child

Parkinson's Disease Resources Page
This page has a wide variety of links and resources for
Parkinson's Disease and a few other related disorders.
This page is in dedication in the memory of my grandpa
who had Parkinson's Disease, read about his story here
also links to hunting and fishing, gardening, geneology,
grandparenting, and other miscellaneous sites for 55+.

Loads of Medical links and Resources
Medical resources for parents with children with
special needs, rare disorders and disabilities, with
specific links to information on growth disorders
as dwarfism, geleophysic dysplasia, information on
lysosomal storage diseases and metabolic disorders

Tons of Medical Links
Here you will find medical resources forWish
foundations, Free medical air flight charities,
health info for asthma & bronchitis, adenoids,
tonsils & ear infections, medical sites, and more

Ashly's Medical Search Engine Links
Search from my site on search forms to several
medical search engines and Portals, free online
searches for major medical libraries & journals

Parent Support Links
find Parent support Links for parenting a child
with special needs and rare disorders. message
boards, parent to parent matches, and lots more

Special Education and Learning Disability Resources
Special education resources, speech and learning
disability links, info on dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism

Kid Links
A site for the kids to enjoy; to online coloring
pages beanie baby, furbies, pokemon, a few Walt
Disney & and other miscellaneous childrensites

Ashly's World of Search Engines Page
Search from my site, with search boxes for both
search & meta-search engines to find what you're
looking for without ever leaving our website

Our Poetry Page
I would call this my sentimental page, with some
poetry I've written, quotes like Murphy's Law, etc

Ashly's World of Wavs and Sound
A page of links to Midi and Wav music sites for
oldies and classic rock, country, and other wavs

Directories and References
A variety of miscellaneous links to stuff like
reference and portals sites, Investigating tools,
email address look ups, military searches, etc



Feel free to email me with any questions you
might have, or if you know of a good site that
you think I should add to a page, Let me know!

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Feel free to take a look at
our other pages on this site

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