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Harney County Weed Board

Welcome to the Harney County Weed Board and Weed Partnership Web site!

Our site is currently under full revision and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please check back for new and exciting things to come! Thanks for stopping by.

The Harney County Court hereby designates the Harney County Weed Board with the following purposes and functions:


1. Support and advise County Court and County Weed Coordinator on county weed control programs.

2. Assist in developing yearly Weed Management Action Plan including annual educational weed program.

3. Advise the County Weed Coordinator of weed problems.

4. Periodically review the county noxious weed list and recommend adjustment as needed to the Harney County Court.


A. The Harney County Weed Board shall work in tandem with other groups and or activities where noxious weeds are a concern.

B. The Weed Board shall consist of seven to nine voting members. The Board shall also include “Ad Hoc” Technical Advisors representing interested/affected groups or agencies in the county. At least one SWCD director will serve as a Weed Board member and liaison to the Soil and Water District Board.

C. The voting members shall be appointed from each of the seven designated sections of the County, and each shall reside in the area from which they are appointed.

D. Board members shall be appointed by the Harney County Court for two or three year terms. The nominees shall be recommended to the Harney County Court by the Harney County Weed Board.

E. The Weed Board will meet not less than four times a year. Annually, the Board shall elect a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and budget committee officer.

F. Attendance at every Board meeting is not mandatory, but in the interest of maintaining an effective, efficient and productive Board, three consecutive absences, without due cause, shall be subject the Board Member to removal from the Board, by a majority vote of a Board quorum and the approval of the County Court. A chosen alternate representative for an area can attend meetings in the absence of the appointed board member.

G. Under normal circumstances business matters will be voted on by a quorum of Weed Board members.

H. Expiration of terms shall be staggered to avoid the circumstance of having all new Board Members at one time.
Approved: 3/13/00

Harney County Weed Board Structure


Area Represented
Board Member
Start Date
Terms Served
Riley-Double O Angie Ketscher 2004 On First 3yrs
French Glen-Diamond Marvin Jess 2000 On Second 2yrs
Fields Kathy Sherburn 2004 On First 3yrs
Princeton-Crane Don Cody 2000 On Second 2yrs
Drewsey/Pine Creek Carol Dunten     3yrs
Burns Steve Rickman 2000 On Second 2yrs
Donna Webb Harney & SWCD 2000 On First 3yrs
South End Alternate Mike Davis 2002 On First 3yrs

AD HOC Advisory Group:

Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
Bonnie Rasmussen
Harney County Stockgrowers
BLM Burns District
Lesley Richman
USFS Emigrant Creek Ranger District
Jim Campbell & Zelley
Malhuer Wildlife Refuge
Carey Goss & Jess Wenick
Dan Gonzales
City of Burns
City of Hines
Pedro Zabala
Mike Crow
Eastern Oregon Research Station
Tony Svejcar & Michael Carpenilli
Big R
John MCallister
OSU Extension Service
Dave Chamberlain
Harney County Sportsmen
Hay & Forage Growers



Harney County Weed Control
450 N Buena Vista Ave.
Burns, OR 97720
Phone: (541) 573-2506
Fax: (541) 573-8387

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