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Izaak Preston

October 18, 1998 - November 20, 1998

"Our little angel - awaiting us in heaven"

Izaak Preston Savedra was born to Laura Barnes and Andy Savedra on October 18th 1998 at 8:07 pm. The birth went fairly well, other than the 28 hours of labor. Izaak and Laura were released from the hospital the morning after his birth and he took to his surroundings quite well. He enjoyed sitting in his swing and watching TV or watching Mama do miscellaneous things around the house. He was very advanced for a baby his age. At a couple weeks old, he would follow with his eyes as you walked across the room. He was also very strong. At a month old he could hold himself up on his legs with a little help from Mommy.

Izaak enjoyed people very much. He was loved by all and knew it. He, I guess you could say was a little spoiled. At times he was content playing in his swing or laying on the floor. Other times he demanded to be held.

A months time had passed, and everything was going great. Mommy and baby were getting along good. Most of all, Mommy had really taken to the job. She was a young mother (18) and wasnt sure what to think of it all, but soon learned that she loved it. She took Izaak everywhere with her. She spent all but 2 nights of the baby's life right by his side. He was her life and she was his.

On November 20, 1998 Izaak had woke up hungry and a little fussy, so Laura fed him and placed him in bed with her to sleep. When Laura woke up a couple hours later, she discovered Izaak had stopped breathing. She immediately attempted to check to see if he had choked, nothing was in his throat. She then started to administer CPR, and still nothing. When the emergency services arrived, they attempted to revive Izaak, but had no luck. Izaak was pronounced a DOA at the same hospital he had been born at a month before. The Lord had called him back home.

Izaak was put into the ground on November 25, 1998 in a cemetary not far from his home. There, he was burried amongst a few other children that had died at tender ages as he did. Although Izaak was with us for only a month, he touched the hearts and lives with everyone he came in contact with. He will always be loved, missed and remembered.

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