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* The Chicks *

// Sue Ann //

how was Malaysia?? Hope you had fun =) we STILL need to do something for my birthday!! =D I miss you like :: W H O A :: and Ill visit you again next year, ok?? ^_^ BFFE~!!!

// Khathy //

BURPING WOMAN!!! whoa, i've known you for reeeallly long, hahahha = i'm so glad that your still my best friend, even after i moved =D and even though the house got sold, thanks for stealing the flyers anyways -_-+ BFFUWD & BFFAWD!!

// Cathy //

Dance camp was sooo much fun, huh?? ^_^ this coming year is gonna be SOOO much fun, i'm really excited =D you're finally 16!! we have to HAVE TO do something, ok??!!

// Thuy //

Tweetie!! ^o^ geez, you've gotten SO good @ webpage making... im jealous... haha = well i'm glad i met you this year... you're realy good @ listening and giving advice =)

// Eileen //

oh man, I havent gone to the bible study for your church in so long >_< Im muy muy sowwie x I promise Ill go sometime soon though =) oh, and cathy showed me those lovely cheers you guys made up for Bring it on =P

// Shawna //

hey ya playa! hahah, the blob is you, playing w/your boy toys ;o man, we need to get together soon, do something for my bday or something =) and why dint u call me?! i wanted to go to dales...ah well~

// Angie //

(that's a picture of u whining ^_^ don't you ever forget who started you whining ;) geez, you have so much sex appeal!! psh, no fair = haha, i know ni hen shiang ni deh nan pung yo... n i love erik!! ^_^

// Bridget //

hey!! man, i wish you could've came to sunset's flyup!! it woulda been so much fun to see you again! we need to get together soon, i haven't seen you in ages!!! >_< Good Luck at Westview!! =)

// Lina //

I LOVE AB-BIE!!!! hahahhahahahah, how's ab-bert doing?? -_-+ your b-day party was sooooo~~ much fun!!! the water fight was awesome, except i had to change clothes a hundred times x it's all G though... =)

// Susie //

omg, I miss you lots! Lina's party was sooo fun... especially the modeling.. *AHEM* = we don't even come close to looking alike!! whoever thinks that is CRAZY.. *cough cough STEWART* ^_^ I'll try to visit you at 5oaks next year!! =D

// Kristie //

hey krispie!~ *snap crackle pop* = what's up? i'm glad we're friends again, i guess it shows how strong our friendship really is, eh? =D well anyways, i KNOW you want their pants... i'll give them to u ASAP! but u wont even be here... coz you guys are LEAVING me for the camping trip =*(

// Hyunnee!! //

My hyunnie bunnie!! =D you're so funny!! haha, and you and omid are sooo cute ^_^ Give wonji's shoes back already!!! you're too tall.. -_-+ hehe, whoa, i think you're the person closest to my level of hyperness!! yooohehehahababaMOOOOO~~!!! *(o.O)*

// Jovita //

puhahaha, like the lil blobbie?? it shows how u always beat up gene (puhahahah) n how GUYS SUCK!!! mwahahha *(o.O)* well anyways, is your cheek still swollen? i couldn't tell anyways... hahaha, don't forget to give back the ice pack!! =

* The Fellas *

// Kevin //

hey you scented monkey!! Hows it going? You're my BIMFEE PIMFEE!!!!!! *ahem* -_-+ anyways, i'm glad i met you this year coz you are the awesomest!! and i love the scented monkey you got me~!!! (which is actually STILL scented -_-")

// Drew //

hey! omg, i can't believe i got a B in biology!! i SO thought i was gonna fail -_-+ It is sunny here, you just missed the great weather while you were in idaho!! haha = and you still have to finish teaching me how to hack! ^_^

// Jeff //

too bad you couldn't come to any of our fundraisers so far... but we still have another carwash in september =) BTW, thanks so much for the "My Girl" thing, that's what the blobbies are doing in case you didn't know...hehe =)

// Josh //

oie, I suck at tennis so much!! eesh >_<;; but it's all G... coz it's fun!! =) hey! you're in high school YG now! cool~ hahah = too bad i'm not going on the camping trip... i'm missing out on all the fun >_<

// Kyle //

Lookie!! Your so spesho... you get a subway picture ^_~ haha, WHERE DID U GET THOSE PICTURES OF ME!??!?! > . < and why don't you ever come to church anymore?! is it not good enough for you or something?! HUH?! >=O hahah, i'm jk, but you better come ... ^_^ oh, and happy birthday!!!!!!

// Duy //

DUY-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEE!!!! ^_^ man, you're gonna be a SENIOR this coming year.... man, you're old... hahahah jp = well you should join fevertym! you're pretty good =D better then me.. (but then again...who isn't? -_-+)

// Albert //

awwww... lookie!! it's you and angie dancing!! ^^ you guys are the CUTEST couple... hehe =) you owe me for always helping NG get out so u guys can see each other! so you better stay together!! >=

// Brian Joo //

how's it going G.I. JOO??!!! Spanish sure was fun wasn't it? er, IS fun for you... since your still stuck there... HAHAHA =P how was Chippy's bday? i wanted to go, but SOMEONE *cough SHAWNA* didn't CALL me...