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Sat, September 1, 2001 7:06pm -

well, im finally online again, i've been busy, and plus my dad kept taking my friggn cable line -_-+ anyways, i just finished daily doubles for dance! it was fuun, but hecka tiring >_< I CANT BELIEVE SCHOOL STARTS IN 4 DAYS!!!! oieee.. it feels sooo weird~ haha, iono if im excited, or bummed... its kina like, i want to go back to school, but i dont -_-+ i went shopping for clothes today... it was fun, but now im all worn out >_< I LOVE CHEESEBURGERS!!! =9*

Sun, August 19, 2001 7:47pm -

wow, I haven't worked on my page for almost a month >_< i've been lazy -_-+ anywhooo, since the last entry, i've gone to dance camp, went camping, went clubbing (for the first time), had a Cruise-In (fundraiser for the SHS dance team...woohooo!!!), went to see The Princess Diaries (ERIK IS SOOO HOTTT!!!!), and re-did my aa page~ (click) SCHOOL STARTS IN 2 WEEKS!!! im kina scared... but kina excited too =\ i hope i know some people in my classes... it would suck if i dint know anyone...and gah... school pictures the 3rd day of school... eek!! i already KNOW my picture is going to be hecka oogly >____<

Mon, July 23, 2001 9:07pm -

i am soooo in love!! haha... with a movie star... -_-+ man, ERIK VON DETTEN IS SOOOO HOTT!!!~ ^^ seriously, ooomg, major hottie...hahah -_-" ok ANYWAYS, i'm back from sun river... it was sooo much fun but i'm reeeeeally sore ... >_< i went canoeing, horseback riding, rafting, biking, and shopping (BEND OUTLETS!!! hahah -_-+) it was muy fun... and... not exactly relaxing... but yeah = well today i was cranky pretty much all day... im really tired...and i have been since this morning... but ah well~ GAH! finals this thursday... i hope i do well... aiya... i'm so nervous >_<

Thurs, July 19, 2001 5:09pm -

omg, it's so hot today!!! oiee~ >_<* well today was fun.... I got to hang out w/khathy n amber for awhile ^_^ I'm really excited too... coz I'm going to Sun River tomorrow!! =D =D =D I'm gonna be there until Sunday, it's gonna be sooooo much fun^^ anyways, I'm in a good mood... hehe, today has been a good day =) well I dunno what to say... so byebye!

Wed, July 18, 2001 1:27pm -

oiee~ i'm really cold right now!! >_< is it just me... or is the weather getting worse?? it was sooo nice last week and now it's all icky >_< but it's all good, it's supposed to be sunny on friday... and that's the day I leave for Sun River!!!~~* WOOHOO!!! =D I'm muy muy excited!!! hehe ^_^ well anyways, I'm stuck at PCC (again) until 4pm...oieee... i still have 2 and a half hours to go...hahah >_<* well anyways, I'm working on my page more now (since I have so much free time) so it'll be gorgeous in no time =D

Tues, July 17, 2001 10:58pm -

:: Y a W n :: I'm tired (again) x today was one of the most boring days of my life >_< I left the house today at 7:30am, went to PCC and didn't come home til 3pm xT I didn't have a ride after my class so I just hung around PCC for 3 hours coz i didn't feel like walking home -_-+ well anyways, i have a spanish presentation tomorrow and i'm MUY nervous (eek!!) I hope i do well!! *fingers crossed*

Sun, July 15, 2001 6:39pm -

Man, I am sooo tired >_< Our first Dance Team Car Wash today... and I am so exhausted x It was semi-fun, but my hands and feet are reeeally sore.. oie~ but we made a lot of money, so it's all G =) other than that, all I've done today is go to church, and I should be doing my spanish homework, but I'm too lazy -_-+

Sat, July 14, 2001 6:56pm -

hey everyone! I have been super super bored so I decided to start another page -_-+ well today has been pretty boring, I woke up at 11:45 and ate, watched tv, read part of a book, and then started my page ... pretty exciting, eh?? *sarcastic tone* Anyways, nothing is up yet, so just be patient =)