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Thurs, April 25, 2002 5:35pm -

today was a fun day!=) hehe i went to *take your child to work daY*... at erm.. westview... lol^^ n i got to chill w/some buddies i haven't seen fer awhile=) hehe, yeah, that was fun, n plus i almost killed gene driving... dang! so close... haha jp^^ you know i love you=P *ahem..NOT* ^_~ haha, but oiii im so tired now though... n my contacts are hurtn >_< school sucks!! when is SUMMER coming?? no more school and sunny*ness everyday... blehH~ i can't wait any longer! xT

Sat, April 13, 2002 4:21pm -

ohh man i am SO tired... dude, i am SO disappointed to how the MUN trip turned out xT i was expecting FUN.. but instead i got 6 hours of sleep TOTAL, i was bored to death at the meetings that take up like the whole day, my feet hurt like a mother, and it just... sucked >_< i met some new people and chill with everyone, but other then that, it was craaappy=( and you know what? GUYS SUCK!!!! i'm just so sick of them, i hate how they can be so two faced and they never think of anyone but themselves! why did God even put those stupid guys on this earth, eesh~ im so cranky right now... i've been having so many bad days lately... bleH! . . . L i f e S u c k s . . .

Weds, March 27, 2002 12:21pm -

oh my goshness.. the weather today is SO nice=D i hope it stays like this so i can go on a picnic friday=) spring break is sooo~~ awesome so far... im lovin it! i already went shopping twice n i'm going again today^^ n i finally got to hang out w/ellen n lina again n we took pictures @ mall205!!=) i turned out bad in them though >_<

Sun, March 24, 2002 5:12pm -

guess who went shopping today!!^^ maaan i hadn't gone since like.. winterbreak... felt soo good to get some new clothes~ i was getting pretty sick of my old ones=P anywhooo im in a good mood=] SPRING BREAK IS HERE!! no school for a weeek.. woohoo! no plans though.. except im DEFINITELY going on a picnic w/my 2nd bestfriends (ellen n krispie).. i hope.. haha-_-+
eating healthy + getting into shape plan = very successful so far=D

Sat, March 02, 2002 3:15pm -

right now i'm super happy coz i passed my credentials!! YaAaaY!!! ^^ now i'm lookn forward to eugene... its gonna be soooO~~~ much fun!! =D O.. M.. G~ this week has been soooo stressful xT 4 big tests... 2 small tests.... MUN credentialling... preparing bible study... man~ state fer dance is comin up soon too... n so is syllabus fer piano... AhHhHH~! >.< oh well~ oooH! im gettn my hair cut today by the wonderful eileen chang=]i hope it turns out good!! =P

Tues, February 12, 2002 4:33pm -

happy chinese new year to everyone!=D wore a chipao @ school today... it wasn't too comfy... couldn't even sit down right..haha >_<* ah well~ its all G=] ooh and another special event of today is KHATHY TO'S BIRTHDAY!!=D it's her sweet 16!

Weds, February 6, 2002 3:57pm -

YAY!!!! =D report cards came today... n im SO happy^^ i did alot better then last quarter... improved almost a whole point-_-+ lolz~ see i CAN be unlazy *ahem* but anyway, today was a boooooring day... i was all sleepy coz i got 4hrs of sleep coz of stupid scary dreams >___<** hehe... but yeah... i have the CUTEST undies!!! ^_____^ i know everyone's jealous... especially andy kiss my fanny=P but anyway... no homework tonight... yesss=D but then again i have piano tonight.... blehhh >_< time to start practicing....

Sat, January 19, 2002 6:19pm -

BLAH, i haven't worked on this page in awihle... im so lazy-_-+ anyways, i had practice today... for the 4th time this week >_< ahhhh competition next saturday!! oieee... so nervous!! xT blah... n finals are coming up... ultimate stress-ness... >___< i'm gonna try SO hard to do well on these=] haha oh yeah, like 2 nights ago i was super hyper n took some interesting pictures....

puhahahah, i know im a dork-_-+ but anyways, its time to get back to studying *sigh* >_< HAPPY BIRTHDAY VINH!! (it was 2 days ago... but yeah... haha-_-)

Sat, January 5, 2002 3:09pm -

I'M FINALLY HOME!! =D texas wasn't all that fun... i got dragged to a bunch of tourist attractions that i've already been to 100000 times >_< i can't believe there is only 1 day of break left!! ahhhh noooo x im not looking forward to school at all ! no more sleeping in~ =[ oh well.... uh-oh... still haven't finished my 8-page study guide for western civ... xT

Weds, December 19, 2001 6:59pm -

arrrgh im sooo screwed... a lit test tomorrow AND friday... then a chem test on friday... and a spanish test tomorrow too.. ahhhh >_< n i have a piano recital this saturday... n i haven't practiced this whole week.. gahh im soo screwwwed xT i have sooo much hoomework too...gahhhh this sucks mad monkey >_<

Tues, December 18, 2001 8:33pm -

*yAwnZ* blah~ i'm tired >_< today was such a boring day... all i've done is homework, chatted online, and worked a lil bit on my page-_-+ only 3 more days til winterbreak!!=D im muy excited =) n plus vinnie the pooh is coming to visit me on friday!! yaaayy^^*

Sun, December 16, 2001 7:21pm -

lalala~ im soo bored~ this weekend was fun though=) yesterday i went to a Christmas party for dance... n there was a lot of good food... puhahah=D n then i went to church today n then to the freshman~ oOOoo n i played basketball too... me n thuy rule!! -_-+ hahhaha~ well anyways, i'm really screwed coz i haven't done my western civ essay yet.. and it's to tomorrow!! ahhh... better get to work~ >_<

Fri, November 23, 2001 2:23am -

happy thanksgiving everyone!!~ today was kind of a boring day, but i thought about all the things im thankful for... n there is so much =) AIM for example!! haha JK~ well i started a new page today, i really like it =) iono why im up so late... i just dont feel like sleeping i guess.. o_O* anyways, not much to say... i am BORED.