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|| My name is... || Jessie

|| Also known as... || Shorty, Jessie Bessie, J-Chi, Jessie *BeepBeep*, JessJess, Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia, Kippy, Christina, Mr. P-double-O-P-Y Fat Girl, Master of weird noisemaking, Sexy Saru, Chiapet.... the list goes on -_-+

|| Been on this earth for... || 15 years~

|| Blessed with Life on... || July 11, 1986 (Seven Eleven!! ^_^)

|| Currently resides in... || Portland, Oregon

|| Being educated at... || Sunset HS!~

|| Year || Sophomore now!! yaaay~ not a litto froshie anymore!!~ ^_^

|| Zodiac Sign || Cancer ... and tiger in Chinese Zodiac~

|| Boys... || suck!! I'm flyin solo!! ^_~

|| Nationality || Chinese-American!!~ JyeEah*~ (and half Japanese, right Cathy?!?! yeah! -_-+)

|| Religion || Christian!! 100%!! =D

|| Height || 5'1" ... yeah yeah~ i know i'm short >_<

|| Weight || eh...confidential ^_^ hehe~ =

|| Likes ||

ERIK VON DETTEN!!!Candy, ice cream, going to movies, sunny days, my ab roller AB-BIE!! ;D ... basketball, swimming, tennis (somtimes), SHOPPING, sleeping, eating, dancing (yeah!! ^_^), talking on the phone (and online), hanging out w/my friends, pink stuff, cuddly teddy bears, taking sticky pictures, BUBBLE TEA, making homepages (even though they take forever), dressing up, doggies (Awww!!), going to parties, chicken =9 *mMmm*... spaghetti... *double MmMMm*, etc..

|| Dislikes ||

bad weather, coldness, practicing piano, spiders, fruit flies, any type of work -_-+ ...asparagus, when you get a floor burn (ouchie! >_<), soy sauce stains... they never come out!! xT stomach-aches, bad hair days, bad hair CUTS, being bored (which i always am >_<* ), mean parents who make you move your freshman year to a brand new school where you have no friends and never get to see your new friends... > . <