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Verin with a Vengance
by Mike Cauthon

I have found it! Eureka!!

What, you may ask? Well, the answer, silly!

Which answer? To the big question! And it's not 42. No, it's a number so big that you won't be able to grasp it. In fact, I don't have the exact number, but let me tell you it's a helluva big and long number. I'd say three - four ages.

And yes, of course it's the age of Verin. This mysterious, charming woman! Destined to marry Mat Cauthon some say. A pile of manure I say. Who can believe such ridiculous tales anyway?!? But haven't you wondered how old she is? I bet you have, just like the rest of us WoT freaks. Sometimes you get the feeling that she is the big sister of the Creator. That might be a slight exaggeration, but there's no doubt she was scheming to set everything right long before Siuan Sanche uttered her first fishing proverb. Certainly she was also there and snitched that ter'angreal dreamer ring from Corianin Nedeal five hundred years ago. No doubt as old as she appears today!

But let us not stare ourselves blind on the Third Age, oh no. Where did Verin get her mission from? Well, to me it seems obvious she must have been lurking in the shadows like a true velessa when the Aes Sedai of old gathered to save what knowledge they could during the Breaking. As you may remember from Rand's trip to Rhuidean. There she was charged to keep important knowledge alive and form the secret society of the Lightfriends, who up to this day have worked in the shadows of the White Tower. Ah, what a remarkable woman!

But where does a human being acquire such skills? What mental climate inspires somebody to spontaneously learn Compulsion? Where is a desperate person forced to come up with an almost impenetrable code to keep his/her thoughts secret? Yes, yes, you are beginning to see the light now. SURVIVOR! The show where the tough get scared and hide under the sofa and only the fittest are able to pass through the eye of the needle. There can be only one!

So you see, Verin is a woman from our time! Now isn't that a fantastic revelation?

Yours Truly,
Baron Balustraade

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