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Why the Reds Live without Love
by The Red Hot Ajah

Most people believe that the Red Ajah is an evil organization, filled with dark friends and man-haters. This is simply not true. The true nature of the Red Ajah has been hidden for years, but I, an anoymous member of the Red Ajah, am here to reveal the truth for you all.

Red sisters love men. Very simple. We love men so much that we are terrified that we will fall in love with a man then be forced to gentle him. We don't want to get invovled in a relationship--either warder or "other"--because the risk of it turning out bad is much too high. We are sensitive souls and couldn't handle being forced to see a loved one gentled.

People like to claim we are evil because we gentle men. That just doesn't make sense. Do people not remember the Breaking of the World? Do they not remember what happens when a male channler wreaks havoc upon a village? Death and destruction follow in the wake of male channlers. We would much prefer to leave the poor men alone, but they can't be left to their own devices. Someone has to do the job, and we are making the ultimate sacrifice by doing something we really don't enjoy but that is for the good of the world.

I have also heard the disturbing rumor that the Reds have been accused of being a cover for the Black Ajah. I'll be honest with you and tell you that yes, the Black Ajah exists; however, they are NOT predomintaly Red. Not being a Black sister myself, I don't know who is really involved in the Black Ajah, but even if there are more Red sisters than sisters from other Ajahs, you have to recall that we have the MOST sisters in our Ajah. If you look at it from a per capita perspective I am sure you will see that the distribution of the Black Ajah is even among all of the Ajahs.

Respectfully submitted by a member of the Red Hot Ajah

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