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The Old Tongue Dictionary This is an excellent resource for WoT fans, put together by my good friend Sei'Cair. It is a very impressive Old Tongue Dictionary, which has just been updated with words found in the The Path of Dagger, book 8 of WoT.

James Beveridge's WoT Artwork is honestly the best that I have seen on the web. He does black and white narrative sketches.

Aside from the Wheel of Time, I have an eclectic array of interests. The following sites reflect my various dabblings in cyberspace.

Mara of the Acoma is my first attempt at a website. It is dedicated to my very favorite fantasy series, The Empire Series, by Raymond Fiest and Janny Wurts. I highly recommend everyone read it. I like it better than WoT to be honest.

PuzzleMaker This is a very useful site. You can make crosswords, mazes, wordfinds, and other types of puzzles here. They are all free as long as you give them credit. Excellent for use as worksheets, in newletters, or just when you are bored.

HYPE Color Specifier This is a color chart with the most colors I have seen in one place. It is set against a black background, so if you chat in a black chatroom like I do, you can see what color the font will really turn out to be. (Oh, and if you do html you might find it useful too *l*).

Font Freak A huge collection of fonts that are easy to navigate and download (all free as far as I can tell). They also have a very larg mac collection.

Test Junkie When I am bored I enjoy psychology/psychobabble. This site has many, many tests that can tell you everything from what occupation you would have had in the 1400's (I'm a black knight btw, but think it is an evil lie) to your Kiersy Temperment.

Center for the Easily Amused I LOVE this site *lol*. It has a lot of nifty things to do, including mad-libs, lists of weird sayings, links to "sites that do stuff" and on and on and on. It has kept me busy for several days, so I highly recommend it if you have a strange sense of humor.

Hupspring's Haven The homepage of a good friend of mine, it has poetry (really good I might add), word games, television shows, and WoT information.

Book Search As a bibliophile, no link list would be complete without a book search engine. I have bought several hardbacks through this site.

Chinese Astrology I am a total non-believer in astrology of any sort, but this is just a fun thing to look at. Look at the year you are born to find your sign, then click on your animal to read your personality. I am supposed to be a tiger, but I don't think it fits.

ICQ This link takes you to the home of ICQ, the best way to communicate on the net. It is a simple downloadable program that allows you to chat, send messages, transfer files, and do several other things. I am an ICQ addict. Make sure you have ICQ99a, the newest version.

If you find any bad links, please email me right away!

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