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He's Alive!

I want to thank ya'll for stoppin' by. I hope you relax and enjoy your stop in the country.
When this page is all corraled in, it will have lots a links to many cool country spots.
I try to add something new everyday so please come back often.

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This Is The Beginning Of My Favorite Country Sites List.
(Just Click On The Underlined Title)

If You Know Of Any Links That I should Put Here Or If You Want
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Some Really Good Links.
Janet's Rodeo Page
You Gotta See This One!
463 Pages Of GREAT Stuff.
The Last Refuge
If You Love Horses Or Would
Like To See How Some Do.
Pale Wolf
A Lot Of Care Went Into This One.
You Could Spend An Evening Here.
I Give This One 5 Stars.
Country On The Web
Lots a Great Links
You Should Hang Around For A While.
Down On The Farm With Granny
Very Interesting And Lots Of Fun.
The Official PRCA Web Site.
A Guide To The Sioux Nation
Very Indepth and Educational
Cowboy Hall Of Fame
This Speaks For Itself.
Old West
Take A Walk Through History.
The Country Mall
The Ultimate Country Shopping Mall.

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