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Fall Breeding Season

So here we are agian. It's fall and breeding season is at hand. I have five does now. I have the two La Mancha does and the Nubian mom. Then I have my two Nubian youngsters. The older does are going to be bred at the beginning of October. The younger ones are still too young. I am going to try them with my La Mancha buckling in December. They will be seven months old. I am just interested in getting them bred, not in their offsring. Don't know if they'll take. But if they do I will be able to show them in the Spring. If not, oh well. Next year they will be all ready to go. That's the problem with kidding so late in the season. The doelings aren't really ready to be bred by the next season.

All the girls are doing great. I have had them on a diet because they were all starting to get a little too roley poley. My favorite La Mancha doe, Coral, still is a bit on the fat side and so is one of the Nubian doelings, Onyx. The rest have trimmed down pretty good. Even that old harridan, Peyton, the Nubian doe.

I will eventually have pictures of my Goatley Girls and their babies. Actually, I have pictures but trying to upload them using my mom's computer caused it to go into major error mode and she had to call out the computer whiz to fix it. Now I am banned from trying to upload pix. Gotta go visit my friend with the scanner to get it done. Stay tuned.

These pix are of some very good examples of the Nubian and LaMancha breeds. These are not my goats. They belong to one of the top breeders in the country.

A very typey LaMancha doe

Here is a Nubian & LaMancha Very similar to mine.

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