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A Word From Brenda

Redeeming The Time

Last week I heard our downstairs neighbors fighting. The words they were using to hurt each other with and the sound of there baby crying brought back unhappy memories. I began to get angry at them, thinking to myself, why don't they just stop. Then the Lord spoke to my heart and said, pray. I went to the other room, quietly prayed for peace in there home. I prayed that just as the angels shut the mouth of the lions for Daniels sake, that God would shut there mouth, for there childs sake. And then it happened, they became quiet. God brought peace into there home.

In Jeremiah 29, the children of Israel were in captivity, with no way of knowing how long this would last. They may have been thinking this was going to be a short stay... an easy trial. God speaks to them, telling them in verses 4-14 that they will be there longer than they think. To marry, have children, plant gardens and eat the fruit from the crops. Basically, He said to get as comfortable as possible, they were going to be in this place of captivity for a long time. You may be thinking what does this have to do with my downstairs neighbors? It's the attitude of the heart. I felt myself pulling away from "those kind of people" and I am ashamed of myself. Because, the kind of people I am talking about, is the kind of person I myself was before God set me free. Now He has me in a place that I may be able to pray for the peace of those around me, and I was just wanting to "do my time", not make any ties or friendships.. don't plant any gardens, we're not staying!! God says to pray for the peace of your city that it may be peaceful for you! How true that is. It takes compassion for the lost before you can truly intercede for them. God brought the sounds of a crying baby up to my ears to soften my heart. How I wish my children had never heard the sounds of their Mommy and Daddy fighting. So I prayed.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, to be so Heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good? I believe we as Christians can be so Heaven bound, that we pull away from the lost that surround us. Don't reach out, make relationships or plant any seeds...we're not staying! God is saying that it may be awhile. Look up and be ready, pure of heart and faithful to what He has called you to the meantime, we are still here! And there are souls needing to be saved. Homes filled with anger and despair, hopelessness and need. I didn't want to move to an apartment after living in a nice home in the country. God has placed my Husband and I here for a time and a purpose. There were times that I didn't want to break down on the freeway, but as a result I had the opportunity of asking a stranger if he knew the Lord. I have been in the hospital and been able to pray with other patients.

You may say the cost is too high! I don't want to be in this place of "captivity" that God has me in. I don't want to reach out to the people I am surrounded by. Can we ever match the price that Jesus paid for us? In that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. What ever hardship we must endure, God is in control. If a candle is to be any good, it must be lit in a dark room. Other wise, it looks real pretty, but it is more for decoration than what it was designed to be. If that candle be lit, and moved about from one dark room to another, it has brought light to many, and its purpose has been fulfilled. As God moves us about in this life, let us continue to be a light in a darkened room. And may we always give God the Glory!


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