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A Word From Brenda

~Matters Of The Heart~

Last week I wrote to you about a woman in our Sunday evening worship service. She asked me 'how do I hear the Lords voice?' and I prayed with her about this. We then determined that we, as christians DO hear His voice, according to John chapter 10. The question isn't whether we hear His voice...but do we OBEY?
Have You Come So Far?

Once, a few years ago, I felt God speaking to my heart. "Would you kneel before me?" He asked...and I prayed, Yes Lord. Then I looked up at the alter, and at all the other people, and I went back to praying. My pride kept me in my seat, even when I knew it was the Lord. Again He asked me, again I answered 'Yes Lord'...not budging from my seat. This happened three times. Each time I looked up, I noticed that others had started going forward. I did go forward at that point, and God did touch my heart. By the end of the service, most all of the congregation were down there on there knees before the Lord. Isn't that the way of pride? How often do we feel we are the only ones. God was moving that night, calling All of His people.

Last night, as I worshiped and prayed, I felt God speaking to my heart once agan..."I want to speak with you, Brenda." I needed to be quiet, to be still. I felt so strongly to go and lay down before the alter, to fall on my face before Him, but once again, I argued and reasoned, all the while saying "Yes Lord." Then, as I looked up, a woman lay praying...The Spirit of God was upon her, and yes, this was the same one I mentioned before. The one who asked me 'how' was the very one who lay at the feet of Jesus, not caring what others thought. God spoke to me..."Have you come so far"? This broke my heart. Am I too mature in the Lord, to lay weeping at His feet. Have we come so far in our relationship, that we no longer 'meet him at the door' or get up early 'just to see him' at the beginning of the day...or do we no longer have time or feel content to just sit, and 'listen to him speak'. As in any relationship, you have to make an effort at keeping those things fresh. Is it any different with our Lord?!!I ask you, Have you felt God tugging at your heart lately? Speaking, gently drawing you, to be quiet before Him?

Psalm 27 v.8
When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek.

Let that be the response of all our hearts today.


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