A letter from thumby's mommy (honest)
by Domineye

Dear thumblina
Hello dear, how are you? I was looking over some old family photos the other day. Oh how we laughed. There's one of you with a defiant grin on after I had to spank you for being a brat. Thankfully you have grown out of that now.
You were always in trouble even in your childhood. I mean really, girl, climbing over the neighbour's fence and stealing a few apples from his trees was just about acceptable behaviour, but setting up a stall in his driveway each day he went to work and selling fresh fruit was just going too far. Really I'm surprised he never found out sooner. How long did you get away with it for..? Three months wasn't it? Yes, three months.
He found out once before then of course, that day he came home early, but that cute and mischievous smile of yours got you off the hook. Not the second time though, did it? I can still remember you running in saying he was after you and threatening to spank your ass, then him arriving at the door all breathless and with a face like a big red balloon. Hiding behind me was no good, was it? You were bad and you deserved the spanking he gave you. I mean you were 18 at the time.
It was fun to watch actually. As he sat on the kitchen stool and dragged you across his lap he started to get his breath back and his face lost some of its redness. Then when he yanked down your jeans and panties he started to get redder again for some reason. No idea why, it didn't take much effort. Then when he got up past the first dozen or so strokes he got redder, your white bottom got redder, then he gave this strangled sort of gasp and went all white... Why it was like watching five days' sunsets all in ten minutes. How we all laughed.
I remember you were annoyed with me afterwards. "I should have protected you," so you said, but I don't see why. It was you who got in trouble, not me.
Then there was school. Do you remember when they used to issue a sheet of paper when the kids got a punishment? Oh how we laughed when they issued you with a book. Each night you would come home to a nice meal I made for you, and each night you would stand and eat it. It took me ages to figure out why you never sat down to eat it. I remember the night I figured it out very clearly. Do you remember thumblina? When we had the power cuts and we had no lights, and you had a skirt on and we found out we could read from the light of the glow of your recently-spanked bottom? Oh how we laughed.
I must admit I wasn't too pleased when the school billed us for a new cane because the one they kept specially for you got worn out from over-use.
Oh, that reminds me, I remember as a kid you always hated gymnastics, even though your teachers said you were quite good at it. Do you remember that nice Mr Collins wanted you to stay for extra tuition after school. Poor Mr Collins. I still remember going to the school that night because you were late home and finding poor Mr Collins in a heap on the floor. Heart failure, the papers said. I bet you felt really bad you couldn't help him didn't you? Such bad luck to get
stuck in all those ropes and wall bars. The school really should not leave those things lying around like that should they? It must have been very embarrassing for you when we all arrived and in your struggles to get free and help Mr Collins your panties had fallen down round your ankles as you fell over the bars and got accidentally knotted up in all those ropes. Poor Mr Collins.
I must admit I thought it was very bad of the newspaper reporters no to have put a proper picture of Mr Collins in the paper. Between you and me I think the photographer must have been drunk or something because you could only see Mr Collins' feet, most of the picture showed your bare bottom. Such a pity too that the paper was experimenting with colour photographs around that time. Again it shows the photographer was drunk. I mean your bottom was a ridculous shade of red in it. I think you were over-exposed or whatever they call it.
I recall you were always accident prone. Remember that time when I came home early and you were watching the street through your bedroom window? You should have shouted me that it had fallen down and got you stuck there. And I really think that nice boy who lived next door could have tried a lot harder to lift the window up. I mean it was nice of him to hear you shouting and go up to your room and try to get you free, but you must admit he was a bit dim. It looked to me like he was holding the window down on you and trying to push you out of it
rather than open it and pull you back in. He seemed to try really hard though, he was all breathless and sweating when I got there. It must have hurt you a lot though, I could hear you screaming "Oh God" from way down the road.
It should have taught you a lesson though - always get dressed as soon as you get up. I mean that poor boy, he must have been so embarrassed when he found you with no pants on like that. He sure seemed to be blushing a lot. I think maybe he strained a muscle too, cos he nearly doubled over when I got to the room.
Then there was that episode in the theatre. I knew we should have all got tickets near each other. And fancy you losing your popcorn like that and having to lean over that nice boy's lap to pick it up. And in such a short skirt too. Mind you I didn't like him that much - it was a good play and that slow hand-clap he was doing was most rude. Maybe you didn't see who it was because when I looked back I couldn't see you, so perhaps you were still looking for your popcorn. I remember that first job you got, you know the one in the book store. That manager there really liked you a lot, didn't he? I mean he promoted you to top shelf books second day. He told me people worked there years and never got above the third shelf, but he had you up that ladder straight away. So nice of him to make sure you were safe by standing at the bottom of the ladder and steadying it, too. Did you ever get paid for all that overtime you had to do in the evenings by the way?
I remember the day you brought Ben home. Such a nice boy, I don't think he'd hurt a hair on your head. And so considerate. I remember when you got your own place and we all went out to buy a bed. He was so concerned you'd be comfortable, do you remember? He even had you lay down on each one at the store and spread out your arms and legs to make sure you'd be comfy when you stretched out.
He's such a joker too, buying all those joke-store handcuffs for a giggle. And still so considerate. The number of times I call you and he answers and won't hear of disturbing you to come to the phone. And he rushes to get back to you. Most times he says, "she's tied up right now, she'll come in a few minutes, bye". Such a nice boy.
Then there's that English woman, what's her name...? Dominique, that's it. So considerate, she sent you that nice electric massager in case you get a stiff neck and all those pretty satin ribbons for your hair. I must admit I think it's a bit rude that you never wear them, but she never seems to mind. I think you should take more care of them though. After all, they were a gift and last time I saw one it was all scrunched up like someone had tied up a package with it. She sent me a letter the other day but I don't think I understand her language too well. What language do the English use exactly? And what does "cute little subbie ass" mean? Some kind of donkey? And why does she never get capital letters in the right places?
Mind you, I'm not sure she's all there. She sent me a tube of superglue and said that since she's such a long way away could I put some on the cheeks of your bottom and stick them together. She finished by saying "If you can't beat them, join them," which I didn't understand at all. She also said she wants you to divide twenty four by seven, though never said why.
I think she's worried about you if I'm honest. Mind you I can't say I blame her for that. You have been looking a bit down lately. Even Ben said you went down the other day and made him have a headache too. At least I think he said you gave him your head. But those blotches on your skin round your bottom and those funny looking marks round your wrist. Maybe you should see a doctor. Go see our family doctor, huh? He always liked examining you. When you were in your teens he always found time to examine you and he was very thorough. Maybe you need another one of his skin resilience tests or whatever it was he called them.
Well I must go and make dinner now. Write me when you have a free minute.

Treebound by Karla

We were going on another "hotel date." We'd get a nice suite, and have a week end get-away close to home. Jim had his license suspended again, so I picked him up. He just had a small bag, and we were ready to leave. I noticed him slip something inside my purse, but I didn't say anything. We went to the hotel, and checked in, then got ready to go out for the night. I wore my jeans with a rhinestone studded leather belt, my boots, a crop top, and an open white blouse, tied at the bottom. We went out country music dancing, mostly I danced, Jim watched and drank. By the time the club closed, he was pretty well intoxicated. I drove us back towards the hotel. We stopped at a red light, and I saw a park with a small pond, the grass covered in a light fog.
"Jim, look at the park over there. Let's go for a walk by the pond."
"A walk? I can barely stand! Let's get to the room and get naked."
I parked the car, pulled off my boots, dropped the keys in my purse and ran out into the park.
"Come on! Catch me if you want me!" I flashed my tits, and went out into the trees. Finally, he got out and chased after me, stumbling and tripping, but I let him catch me. He tackled me in the wet grass, and we started kissing, very deep and hard. He slipped off my blouse, and pulled up my top, then roughly nibbled and licked my nipples. I took off my top, while he unfastened my jeans. He pulled them off quickly, then he removed my panties. I told him to stand up, and I unzipped him, and pulled his cock out. It had grown, but wasn't fully erect, probably from all the beer. I stroked it gently, lightly kissing and licking the head, until he was hard. I swallowed him al the way, while I gently squeezed his balls, sucking hard, my tongue teasing as I let him slide in and out of my mouth. He pushed be back, and I fell down under him. He got between my legs, and licked me until I reached an orgasm, then he moved up and slid his cock into me. He did me until I was almost ready to scream, then stopped.
"Jim! Put it back in!"
"Karla, remember last time, when I handcuffed you to the bed? That was really wild, wasn't it?"
"I remember you leaving me like that for an hour to go get a six pack of beer. It was pretty exciting, though, yes."
He grabbed my purse, and pulled out the cuffs.
"Let me lock you to a tree, and do you from behind!"
"What? I don't think so! Out here in public?"
"There's no one here! It's 3 in the morning! Come on!"
I put all my clothes in a neat pile, and hugged a nearby tree. My heart raced, I could hardly breath, as I felt the two cold bracelets lock onto me. I was scared, but very aroused, too. He grabbed my hips, and shoved his cock into my pussy hard! He pumped me like an animal, and spanked me several times as he pounded me. I pushed back to him, the cuffs tight on me, feeling so hot and wet inside. He exploded inside of me, and I screamed from an incredible orgasm. I leaned on the tree, catching my breath, as Jim zipped his pants. He whacked my ass again, and said "see ya later!"
I screamed at him, he laughed, slapped my ass again, and said, "You have no sense of humor, do you?" I stood waiting for him now to open the cuffs. "Oh, oh, man, shit. This can't be, Fuck! I don't believe this!"
"What now?"
"Um, I left the cuff keys on my dresser at home."
"Okay, ha ha, I laughed, now unlock me already."
"Karla, I'm sorry, I really am, but I'm not kidding."
I let out a panicky moan, and wiggled and pulled against the cuffs. He said he'd just take the car, go home, get the key, and be back in no more than an hour. I argued for him not to leave me, but I knew there was no other way out. He took my purse, and was gone. I called him to throw my top over my shoulders, and to put my pants on, but he was gone. I stood there helplessly, waiting. And waiting. The sun was coming up, and I was still there. I heard a female voice behind me. It was Sharon, Jim's ex-girlfriend.
"Karla? Is that you? You look like you're in a bit of a predicament. I should kick your ass for taking Jim from me, but this is even better." She pulled my belt from my jeans, and whipped my bare ass. I screamed in pain as the leather and the studs stung my cheeks. Over and over, harder with each swing, she beat my poor ass until I was certain my cheeks were bright red. She said "Mm, that was good, I need a cigarette." She lit up, and "accidentally" dropped the lit match and the rest of the book right on my pile of clothes. She laughed, and said she'd go call several men over right away to put out the fire. After probably an hour, she must of fulfilled her promise, as at least three guys came up behind me. I screamed again as I felt a huge cock suddenly press against my pussy, and then slam inside me. Two off them held my legs out, so I was completely horizontal as the man drove deeper and harder into me. He came quickly, but I wasn't open long before the next took his place. He pounded me quickly, but he lasted quite a while.
After he filled my pussy with hot cum, the third said he didn't want sloppy left overs, and smeared some of the others cum on my ass hole. I struggled and squealed as his finger poked into my virgin ass. My fighting only aroused them more, and he pressed his cock into my ass, pushing hard, ripping me open, painfully. After an eternity, he was all the way inside, and slowly, he pulled his thick cock out of my ass, then rammed it back, fast. I couldn't even scream, he started fucking me hard and violently, tearing my ass apart. Finally, he unloaded his cum into my ass, and then turned my head, and made me suck and lick off my poop from his cock. I was fucked in my ass again, my pussy was fucked two more times, I had to lick each cock clean after each time. They left, and not long after, another group came by.
They fucked my pussy several times, I couldn't even count, and my ass four times. I was very weak now, cum and poop trailed down my thighs. It grew dark, and somehow, I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning, being poked by a stick. A policeman was standing over me. He unlocked my wrists, and helped me up. I told him how I got there, and he laughed.
"I guess that drunk we pulled over the other night was telling the truth! You must enjoy this, if you let him do it!" I started to say no, when I gasped as he suddenly brought me back to the tree, and locked me up again. He called for back up on the radio, then opened his pants. He pushed his cock up into me, and fucked me hard and steady, then blew his load on my back. I heard several other men's voices, he called them over, and I stood there bent over like a little toy for them. One after the other took turns, slamming cock after cock up inside me, splattering cum all over my naked body. When they were through, they let me go from the tree, but drove me into the city, and left me to walk home stark naked. It took me several hours to get home, despite my attempts to hide I know I was seen by many many people. When I got home, I had messages on my machine. The first, from Jim in jail, asking if I got loose, to come bail him out. The other was from Sharon.
"Karla, don't worry about Jim. I got him out, we're back together again. I enjoyed you the other day, and Jim says he had fun with you, too. So, if you want to play another game, we're more than happy to keep you, hmm, tied up for a while. Bye bye!"
I started to push the erase button, then stopped. I took a shower, dressed up very sexily, and went over to Jim's house. It couldn't get any worse. Could it???